The Crafting Box 3.0


Retired Product

Building Instructions

A box of endless possibilities!

Unleash players' creativity with 2 big builds, 3 alternative builds and lots of LEGO® Minecraft™ bricks for free-building fun.

Bursting with Minecraft™ inspiration

With 564 LEGO® Minecraft™ bricks, plus fun features and popular characters from the game - anything can happen!

LEGO® Minecraft™ The Crafting Box 3.0

Bring Minecraft to life

Instructions help kids build a cool castle and a busy farm.

Rebuild and reimagine

Players remodel the castle and farm into 3 new structures.

Anything is possible!

Set imaginations free with LEGO® Minecraft™ free-building.

A new dimension of imaginative play

Hands-on construction with LEGO® Minecraft™ brings the online game's creative excitement into the real world.

Authentic Minecraft™ models

The detailed models players can create with the LEGO® Minecraft™ Crafting Box look great on display in any player's room.
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