Minions and Gru's Family Mansion

Despicable Me 4Despicable Me 4

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Limit 5
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Toy house and tree house playset

LEGO® Despicable Me 4 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion kids’ playset is packed with authentic movie details and characters.

Gru’s wonderfully strange house

This versatile toy is bursting with rooms to explore, characters to meet and imaginative adventures for kids to discover.

LEGO® Despicable Me 4 Minions and Gru's Family Mansion

Iconic Minion movie scenes

See the red couch, fireplace, rocket bedroom and laboratory.

Brightly colored tree house

Includes a dining area with a zip line to the party space.

9 popular characters

Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Gru Jr., Mel, Jerry and Tim.

Enter a digital world of building

Builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.

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