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Build Friendships with LEGO® Friends

Welcome to Heartlake City, where Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, Emma and Andrea are waiting to say hello. It’s somewhere kids will find a character who’s just like them, a place where they’ll learn that they can achieve anything if they follow their heart and are guided by the power of friendship.

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Build Amazing Stories

No better feeling than creating adorable and unique sets, with colorful details that bring all the incredible stories together!

Family Fun at the Heartlake City Mall

From food to music, tech to toys – there’s a store for everyone!

Grow it, make it, sell it!

Your kids will adore testing out the endless possibilities this cute café provides! Grow your own fruit and vegetables, before making them into super smoothies to sell from the juice bike or delicious sandwiches for the sandwich bar! Yum!

Fun On-the-Go!

Encourage kids to play in a whole new way! These cubes pack a whole lot of story into their compact form and make creative displays for kids as their collection grows. They’re also hugely portable, encouraging children to easily share the fun of these awesome toys with their friends!

Party at Andrea’s!

Welcome to Andrea’s family home! Join Stephanie as Andrea takes you for the grand tour. Say hi to her dad Martin in the kitchen (are those cupcakes we can smell?), hang out with her little sister Liz in her upstairs bedroom before putting on a show for Andrea’s mom Donna in the cool garage studio!

Full of Fun Functions

By using the sets’ functions and intricate details, kids can keep on adding to their adventures, to make them more realistic, responsive and fun!

Now Screening: Cinema Fun with Friends!

Nothing beats the joy of going to the cinema with a buddy. So hit the red carpet, buy your tickets and (more importantly) your popcorn, fire up the spinning projector, and enjoy the show! Simply slide a phone or tablet into the holder to turn it into a silver screen for your LEGO® Friends characters!

Wind Power

Introduce the new generation of climate change activists! This electric car and solar-and-wind-powered turbine charging station teaches kids about the importance and practicalities of renewable energy in a fun (not to mention adorable) way!

Calling All Future Vets!

Carry out daring rescue missions
and save the animals.

LEGO® Friends Challenges!

LEGO® Friends is all about… wait for it… friendship! And whether it’s for best friends, old friends or new friends, there are loads of hilarious friendship challenges on the LEGO Life app that your kid will love! LEGO Life is fully moderated to help them stay safe and get the most out of their LEGO Friends sets!

LEGO® Instructions PLUS

The easy, intuitive LEGO® Instructions PLUS is a digital, interactive guide to building these collectable LEGO gift toys for kids. You can find it in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, and kids can use zoom and rotate viewing tools – making it the perfect way to build with friends!

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