We don’t yet know the amazing places your child is destined for.

But we do know how to help them get there.

We believe in BIG starts for little kids

Our big bricks open a world of possibilities for pre-school play that’s endless, diverse and… (most importantly of all…) fun!

But what really makes DUPLO® play BIG, are all the small details we thoughtfully design into each playset. Our themes, characters and bricks all help toddlers build a strong foundation for the skills they’ll need for a BIG start in life…

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A Big Start in connecting with nature.

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21st Century Skills

Some skills are best learned outside of the classroom. Like the emotional skills that help youngsters start off in life as both happy and confident. That’s why our playsets are tailor-made for toddlers, to nurture their…


It sounds strange, but failing to fit LEGO® DUPLO® bricks together is as valuable as succeeding. From first learning to click two bricks together to eventually building anything they can imagine, sticking with a challenge provides a BIG start for kids learning to never give up.


There’s no wrong way to play with DUPLO® bricks. And once kids understand that, it opens a BIG world of possibilities for them to imagine, create and express their own stories through loveable themes, diverse characters and drool-worthy colors.


Every time a kid finds solutions to challenges or boldly sets off on a brand-new story to tell, their confidence gets a BIG boost. Fortunately for them, DUPLO® bricks offer a perfect way to develop and exhibit this confidence. And it all starts by clicking two bricks together...

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The first 3 years of life are when a child’s brain develops most rapidly, with joy being the main mechanism supporting this development. In a world of constant change, children will grow happier and healthier having established the right skill foundation that will support them for life.

This is why, for over 50 years of LEGO® DUPLO®, we’ve designed our sets to support kids developing in their most important phase of life, working closely with early education and world-renowned experts. We believe in BIG starts for small hands, creating a world of possibilities through having no right or wrong ways to play with our products, and championing the identity and imagination of every individual child. Our sets are built with diverse characters, lovable themes and drool-worthy colors, all fitting together in endless ways to support kids’ natural discovery and learning process. It’s the small details built into every aspect of DUPLO play that add up to a BIG start in life.

Discover our focus skills – and find their related sets – on our dedicated Skills page.

Big lessons through

fun animal tales

Did you know that 90% of a child’s brain develops by the age of five?

In this period, one of the most powerful ways children contextualize their world is through joy. Making play a fundamental part of a child’s development.

It’s scientifically proven facts like these that motivate our lasting commitment to Learning Through Play.

Hear more about the importance of play in young kids’ development, from some of the leading global experts in early education.

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With all our focus on enhancing 21st century skills, we thought it was only fair that we brought the DUPLO joy onto 21st century platforms! Discover our multi-award-winning apps, as well as our big (and we mean BIG) collection of nursery rhyme song playlists.

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The BIG Five-0

A lot has changed in 50 years. But our commitment to constructive, fun play for little ones never has. And (Spoiler Alert…) it never will. Take a look back at the history of LEGO® DUPLO® playsets.

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