Earth Ninja Cole from LEGO® NINJAGO® world

Cole – the Elemental Master of Earth!

Cole was born into a family of singers and dancers, and his father sent him to a performing arts school as a child to learn the trade. But showbiz wasn’t for Cole, so he secretly left to pursue his own destiny in life.
Always keen to challenge himself, one day Cole decided to climb the tallest mountain in NINJAGO® world. Master Wu was at the summit waiting for him and he invited him to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to learn how to be a ninja. It was the start of many thrilling adventures.

Wielding the elemental power of earth, Cole possesses immense physical strength that comes in handy when the ninja team are in a tight spot. And while he may be confident, the Master of Earth is suitably grounded. He loves the simple life – the outdoors, rock-climbing, old-school tech and, most importantly, cake!

Cole is a firm favorite with LEGO® NINJAGO fans and a Cole minifigure can be found in lots of LEGO building toy playsets.
Kids can pretend be Cole in battle against the Stone Army with the LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy Cole’s Earth Driller (70669) playset. The Driller has an opening cockpit for the Cole and Kai minifigures, 2 stud shooters to fire at the Giant Stone Warrior action figure big drill and engines rotate when the vehicle is pushed along.
The Giant Stone Warrior has 2 big katanas and all 4 minifigures in this LEGO set are equipped with cool weapons, including Cole’s collectible Golden Weapon – The Scythe of Quakes. So children will have hours of fun reimagining classic action from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show and creating their own adventures.