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Learning STEM with LEGO® Toys

What is STEM and why are LEGO STEM Toys Fun for Kids?

Game time?

Combining the fun and open-ended play of LEGO® toys with the excitement of video gaming.

Tablet Stand

You can also build a tablet stand. Watch to see how! Once you’ve built your own, sit back, relax and watch your favorite LEGO® videos on the LEGO TV app.

Time for a challenge!

Build your own LEGO® maze from your brick collection at home, find a small rolling object and see if you can make it through the maze. If it becomes too easy, simply build a more advanced maze to raise the bar.

Build a nightstand lamp

Want to make things cozy when reading a book with your kids or when telling a bed-time story? Get inspired to build your own nightstand lamp using your LEGO® brick collection at home. Your kids will love it!

Build your own jewelry stand

Build and decorate your own jewelry stand for your watch, necklaces and more. Watch the video to get inspiration on how to build one yourself.

Phone Stand

Did you know you can build your own phone stand? Watch the video to get inspiration on how to build your own!


For more play inspiration and daily building challenges, search #LetsBuildTogether or visit www.LEGO.com/letsbuildtogether