Top 11 LEGO Toys for Christmas Entertainment

The Top 11 LEGO® Christmas gifts for the whole family

This holiday season many families are looking forward to getting together once again and the LEGO Group has some great gift ideas to entertain everyone.

The Best LEGO® Christmas Gifts for Kids

Inspire the builders of tomorrow to develop their creative skills with hours of entertainment across these brilliant LEGO sets!

LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 – Ferris Wheel

This fully rotating Ferris wheel, with over 1,000 pieces, features eight gondolas as well as a ticket booth, a balloon cart, five minifigures and even a brick-built dog. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there as you can build two other completely unique models – a bumper car ride with three cars and an announcer microphone or a swing boat ride with a claw machine and a gumball machine.

LEGO® Friends – Heartlake City Shopping Mall

Let’s all take a trip to the mall – with this fantastically detailed set. The Heartlake City Shopping Mall comes with six characters, loads of stores and a food court.

From fashion, to food, from music to tech – the shopping mall has it all. There is also a photo booth and a fashion turntable, which are separate from the main model and can easily be transported to a friend's house for extended play.

LEGO® Star Wars™ – Bad Batch Attack Shuttle

The LEGO Star Wars Bad Batch Attack Shuttle is packed with features, meaning kids can bring to life the action from the popular TV show. The large wings move up and down to swap between landing and flight modes, plus two spring-loaded stud cannons that will delight young builders. 

The build is only half the battle – featuring minifigures Tech, Echo, Hunter, Wrecker and Crosshair, as well as their Gonk Droid pal, the elite clone force can take on any adventure on their speeders.

LEGO® Minecraft™ – Trading Post

Fans of the popular Minecraft™ video game will love this real-life version of the trading post. 

Packed with popular Minecraft features to inspire endless imaginative role-play including an exploding mine, skeleton, mysterious trader and 2 llamas! 

Kids can play with leading character, Steve, who is working hard to unearth precious resources before visiting the trading booth. But kids must help deal with llamas on the loose, an explosion and a trader that appears to have nothing to trade! Or does he? Turn the handle to reveal the hidden items!

LEGO® CITY – Fire Rescue Helicopter

There’s an emergency! Call the LEGO City Fire Rescue Helicopter crew! The set includes a toy helicopter and a motorbike for tackling the stackable flames at the power plant and offers loads of ways to play. 

Use the water cannons on the helicopter to knock the fire down and then rescue the workers. LEGO City TV hero Clemmons is ready to swoop in on his bike to get the others to safety. 

This set has loads of replay value as kids can set the fire up and then knock it down again – making them feel like true heroes!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Town Amusement Park

Big bricks for little hands! Learning Through Play starts from an early age, and this LEGO® DUPLO® set gives your toddler the opportunity to learn, grow and imagine while having lots of fun. With the LEGO® DUPLO® Town Amusement Park toddlers can explore an amazing mix of attractions designed to engage, entertain and stimulate growing minds. 

The set features 7 DUPLO characters and a colourful and captivating fairground – with slides to whizz down, a mechanical carousel to ride, a large Ferris wheel with 3 colourful cabins to operate, a train to drive around the park, hot dogs to buy, plus an ice cream, camera, balloons, cupcakes, broom and teddy bear. There’s even a colour-changing ‘rainbow’ light to create an authentic funfair atmosphere.

The Best LEGO® Christmas Gifts to Keep Adults Entertained

It’s not just the children who can get creative with LEGO bricks this holiday season. There are plenty of sets for adults too – including world landmarks, home decorations, and characters from childhood memories alike.

LEGO® – Colosseum

If you know a builder, history lover, or anyone who loves to build for hours on end, this gargantuan 9,036 is one of the biggest and most detailed LEGO sets of all time.

With three storeys, and dedicated with columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders, as well as Corinthian pilasters, this LEGO model might be colossal, but it can also be easily picked up, allowing you to investigate the arches from any angle. 

As well as being a serious challenge for builders of any skill, this authentic set makes for a fantastic display piece in any home and is sure to catch the eye – making it a great LEGO Christmas present for anyone over 18!

LEGO® Star Wars™ – Republic Gunship

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Republic Gunship™

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Bring the full force of the Republic to bear on any boredom at Christmas! This Republic Gunship, also known as a Low Altitude Assault Transport (or LAAT) has all the features from the films and shows, including pilot cockpits, swing-out spherical gun turrets, cannons, opening sides, and interior details. 

This stunning 3,292-piece model also comes with Clone Trooper Commander and Mace minifigures, as well as a blaster and lightsaber, so when the build is done, Star Wars-loving master builders can feel like a child again as they zoom the ship through the galaxy and win the war against the Separatists.

LEGO® Star Wars™ – R2-D2

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This is the droid you’re looking for – the R2-series astromech droid that served on both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker’s ships throughout the beloved Star Wars™ franchise. 

R2-D2 comes packed with features. Built with 2,314 individual LEGO bricks, the retractable mid-leg can be moved between standing and driving position, allowing him to pose in one spot or go on the move.

Spin his rotatable head to have him look around or raise his periscope to get a better view on the Christmas party.

And when trouble arises, open the front hatches to pop out his tools – or open the secret compartment in his head where Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hilt is hidden and ready for action!

LEGO® Architecture – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

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The perfect gift for a world traveller, this Taj Mahal LEGO set is made up of 2,022 pieces and includes authentic details like the crypt with the tombs of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan, as well as the central chamber with two cenotaphs. 

There’s so much to create and so much to explore when the build is complete. It also comes with a booklet telling the Taj Mahal story, so the builder can really engage with the culture behind the set. 

The set also makes for a great scale model design piece for displaying in the home and comes with a LEGO brick inscribed with ‘Taj Mahal’.

LEGO® – Bird of Paradise

Everyone loves flowers as a gift – but even better are flowers you don’t have to water! 

As well as being the ultimate in low maintenance floral decoration, this 1,173-piece display has loads of cool and unique features, like the purple LEGO swords used to make up the flower’s stamens. 

The flowers and leaves can also be repositioned to catch the light wherever it sits, making it the ideal ornament for a flower-fan’s home.

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