Top 5 LEGO® Back-to-School Supplies

The Top 5 LEGO® Back-to-School Supplies

As kids head back to school, they might not be excited to leave their toys behind – so why not add a bit of fun to the back-to-school checklist?

These top LEGO® school supplies are a great way for young builders to take their creativity with them when they learn!

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LEGO® Merchandise – Minifigure Lunch Box

Kids can carry their lunch to school in this fashionable LEGO lunchbox!

Designed with fun minifigure emojis on top and colored in bright blue and red, this durable box will help young ones stand out from the crowd, as well as help them keep their food safely tucked away.

There’s a movable divider inside to separate different foods, and kids will find the clips that secure the lid easy to open. The lid itself makes for a great little plate!

Sure to keep the fun going at lunchtimes, this is the perfect first item on any school supply list.

LEGO Merchandise – Minifigure Notebook with Gel Pen

Attentive young students need somewhere to keep their notes – and there’s nowhere better or more stylish than this cool black-and-white minifigure notebook.

The distinctive style of the cover will make it stand out, while the lined pages and attached ribbon marker make it easy to keep entries tidy.

The included black gel pen even has a LEGO brick on the end. Use it to keep it attached to the brick panel on the front of the notebook or combine it with other LEGO pieces to add a unique flair to school equipment.

This is the ideal gift for kids who need somewhere to keep their thoughts – or to doodle!

LEGO Minifigure Belight Backpack

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Minifigure Belight Backpack

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School kids can carry everything they need in this stylish, durable backpack with adorable minifigure face graphics. Practical for holding all their school supplies, this stylish backpack comes with compartments for books, a laptop, pencils as well as two side pockets for a water bottle and other small items.

Walking to school in the rain won’t be a problem because the bag is water-repellent – plus it comes with padded shoulder straps that are adjustable and comfortable. High-visibility reflective elements will keep your child safe and seen when walking around or on their bike.

It’s the perfect gift for your young LEGO brick lover and should top your back-to-school shopping list!

LEGO Merchandise – LEGO Brick Erasers

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LEGO® Brick Erasers


With these LEGO school supplies, kids can erase mistakes just as easily as they can build new ideas!

Each eraser included in the pack is the same shape and size as a LEGO 2x4 brick so they can fit together just like the normal toys. They come in four pastel colors for a different kind of look, and are great for kids with a creative streak!

Assemble the bricks into bigger erasers to get rid of really big mistakes! Or stack them on a desk at school or at home to keep an eraser handy at all times.

LEGO Merchandise– Pencil Sharpeners

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LEGO Pencil Sharpeners

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Keep your pencils sharp and your style sharper! These cool red & white and blue & white sharpeners fit in with any stationery for a unique look as well as being perfectly practical.

Each sharpener has LEGO plates for customization options, allowing you to personalize them by attaching other bricks or minifigures – or you can even build the sharpeners into bigger designs to really make your own school supplies!

These are ideal for someone who loves LEGO building and wants to take their creativity into school with them.