How to customize your LEGO® adidas Originals Superstar

6 incredible ways to customize your LEGO® adidas Originals Superstar

The sneaker and toy industries are worlds apart, but when their paths occasionally cross, pretty cool things can happen. Like the bright and colorful kid’s clothing line by adidas and the LEGO Group – or more recently, the bold adidas ZX 8000 X LEGO® sneaker.

Now, we have joined forces again – but this time to make a LEGO set of an iconic shoe: The LEGO adidas Originals Superstar.

This highly covetable sneaker was originally released as a basketball shoe back in 1969. Since then, the Superstar has transcended sports and become one of the most versatile streetwear staples around the world.

Now, sneakerheads can express their love for crep culture, and for adidas, by championing this special collector’s item in their home (and not just on their feet).

It even comes inside a shoebox, just like a real adidas sneaker would.

Any sneaker fan will know that the Superstar has been used as a canvas for vibrant prints and fresh new colorways over the years. But the original white sneaker with black stripes has always remained a timeless mainstay.

The cool thing about this LEGO set is, if you have extra LEGO bricks, you can put your own creative spin on the shoe to pay homage to those more eye-popping iterations. Or keep it classic and display it as it is.

For inspiration, here are some incredible ways to personalize your LEGO adidas Originals Superstar, demonstrated by six creative sneaker lovers from around the world.

Be bold with color

Aida Kiraya

“I like sneakers because they are an extension of the wearer’s personality, without having to say a word other people on the street can connect with you based on your sneaker choice,” says Aida Kiraya, a professional sneaker customizer from North London.

Her company Afro Kickz creates custom sneakers for brands inspired by traditional African heritage and modern Black culture.

The design for her LEGO adidas Originals Superstar is synonymous with the colors and patterns found in African and Caribbean flags.

“For me, creativity is a way to use my hands to say all the things my mouth cannot.”

She started Afro Kickz so that teenagers would be proud to embrace their African heritage. Growing up, it was something she and her peers would shy away from, and she wanted to change that narrative. @afrokickz

Spread a positive message

Nicolai Sclater

In recent years, sneaker brands like adidas have put a real focus on social responsibility and activism, using sneakers as a force for change.

Similarly, Nicolai Sclater, a visual artist based in LA, customized his LEGO set to spread a message about a greener planet.

“Ultimately, my work focuses on an optimistic future...The concept of REWILDING our planet has also been a key factor in my personal work, so I wanted to represent this through the shoe.”

“You will see I have included a few man-made elements...(a camping stove and a satellite dish)...but they are being overtaken by flora and fauna.” @ornamentalconifer

Experiment with florals

Hanna Helsøe

Bonsai Tree

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Trondheim-based sneaker collector Hanna Helsøe is a fashion enthusiast with an impressive number of kicks in her armory.

Inspired by the LEGO Flower Bouquet and LEGO Bonsai tree sets, her final design is beautifully bold and bright (just like her sneaker collection). Using pinks, purples and 3D flower elements to complement the botanical theme, she’s injected a whole lot of life into her LEGO adidas Originals Superstar.

Feel inspired? Take some tips from Hanna and create a well-thought-out mood board before you start personalizing yours! @helsoe

Let your passion pop


Want to put your own stamp on the LEGO adidas Originals Superstar? Well, COFFEE BOY gives us a masterclass on how to project your passion through design – and make it stylish.

“I love coffee and I also love the culture related to coffee, so I wanted my creation to not only reflect this but to also convey the charm of coffee.”

In his design, the shape of the side conveys the steam rising from the coffee and the eyes represent the drinker’s reflection as they gaze comfortingly into the cup.

“The appeal of adidas is its simplicity. The simple form of the Superstar and its iconic three stripes, for me, represents strength, suppleness, fun and excitement. This, combined with the simplicity, means you never get tired of them.” @178kz_boy

Make a statement

Tom Yoo
Last Chance

Around the World

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One way to upgrade your shelf game: make your design a conversation starter.

Tom Yoo is an artist and incredible LEGO sneaker sculptor from the States, who likes to combine popular culture with a modern approach to visuals to create art that looks and feels progressive.

Tom’s design recognizes the Black artists who created hip-hop and rap music.

He’s incorporated a striking, showstopper element into his design with the large fist holding a mic – a true statement display piece.

He opted to use standard LEGO bricks that are easy to source, demonstrating what you can achieve even with the simplest brick collection...and the result is stellar.

It just goes to show you can’t put limits on creativity. @tomyoo23

Play with contrasts and patterns

Leta Sobierajski

“There’s something about this idea of a shoe giving us liftoff – wearing them gives us wings to travel, to explore, and to move about freely”, says Leta Sobierajski, a New York-based designer and art director.

“I love visual contrasts and wanted to take advantage of the LEGO DOTS collection to help me build a series of patterns that could vibrate alongside the iconic stripes of adidas.”

“[adidas] continues to reinvent the meaning of what a staple can parents wore adidas. I grew up wearing them. I continue to wear them! And just like the brand, I am continuously evolving too.” @letasobierajski

As you can see, the LEGO adidas Originals Superstar can be made into anything you like – it all starts with your imagination. Each of these designs comes with its own, personal story...

How will you tell yours?

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