Only true fans will spot the references we’ve hidden in our new Friends LEGO set
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The Friends Apartments

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Only true fans will spot the references we’ve hidden in our new Friends LEGO set

How you doin’?

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been watching Friends on repeat for YEARS. In fact, some of us were born into a world where Friends has never not existed.

It’s the show that had us all wishing, at least once... ok twice (maybe more times), that we too lived in a Manhattan apartment leading the same lives as the show’s loveable protagonists: Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Monica.

And now, you can (sort of), with our second LEGO Friends TV show set.

We give you... *drum roll*... The One with the Two Apartments. 

With this set you can build Monica and Rachel’s apartment and Joey and Chandler’s apartment plus everything in between (yep, we’re talking about the eventful Friends apartment hallway).

Because even though it feels like you’re always stuck in second gear, you can’t beat living with your best friends, bonding over the small everyday moments and experiencing ‘firsts’ together.

Here are some of the best hidden – and not so hidden – nods to the series in our new set capturing some of the best-loved moments from the show...

The Thanksgiving turkey

Monica’s kitchen would be incomplete without some heartwarming food on the table. Since a turkey has found itself at the center of some of the funniest scenes of the series, it only makes sense for it to have its own LEGO brick replica.

The brick-built turkey may not fit on Monica’s head (flashback to season 5, episode 8), but it can be placed on her dining table to honor the ten memorable Thanksgiving episodes Friends kindly gifted us over the years.

Gladys, an ‘original Buffay’

There’s something oddly satisfying about clicking tiny LEGO bricks together to form the legendary purple walls that make up Monica’s apartment.

A lot went down in that living room and with this set, you can commemorate one of the funniest moments of the show by re-enacting Rachel and Monica pretending to fight over Gladys. Yup, that terrifying 3D painting created by Phoebe that nobody really wanted (except for Joey, until Rachel told him it was haunted).

You’ll be happy to know our version isn’t quite as creepy as the real thing...

The poking device

Remember the giant poking device they use to make sure their naked neighbor is alive in season 3, episode 8? We made a brick-built version.

So, get the gang out onto Monica’s impressive LEGO brick-built balcony and start poking.

Since this set is all about attention to detail, we’ve even thrown in the neighborhood cat that attacks Ross on the balcony that one time he tries to ask Rachel out...

Janice’s mane

‘Oh my god’, for the first time ever Janice from Friends has her own LEGO minifigure equipped with big curly hair and a huge smile.

The gang may have found her annoying but it’s safe to say she will always be a fan favorite, making her worthy of her own minifigure.

Dressed in her signature leopard print, we can already hear that laugh from here...

The cozy reclining chairs

This set includes some seriously cool props and accessories so that Friends fans can bring iconic moments in the show to life. One of our favorites is when Joey gifts Chandler (and himself) two reclining chairs.

In this set, both chairs recline at the same time, just like Chandler and Joey’s real-life ones. Ahhh, sharing beers has never been more comfy.

If you haven’t already noticed, there are studio spotlights dotted all around the apartments because, essentially, it’s a LEGO set of a set – and the TV producers never let us forget it.

Cue audience laughing.

The wooden canoe... and the chick and duck

The foosball table, the canoe, the milk carton (Joey claims he can drink a gallon in 10 seconds)... yup, it’s definitely Joey and Chandler’s place.

After they got robbed, the canoe was the only piece of furniture they owned. So, if you’re feeling lazy, you can always use it (and it alone) to decorate the apartment and your creation would still make complete sense.

Two little Easter eggs we’ve hidden are the chick and duck that Joey and Chandler adopt in season 3. Now it’s your turn to take good care of them. In Phoebe’s wise words “they need just the right food and lots and lots of love”.

Phoebe’s inflamed dollhouse

A lot of crazy stuff takes place around Monica’s kitchen table, that’s for sure, but nothing quite as fiery as the time Phoebe’s doll house was set alight.

A sad ending for what Ross says is “the coolest house ever!” Our brick-built version may not release bubbles or have fairy lights, but it pays homage to the impressive (and highly flammable) dollhouse that once was...

The fallen cheesecake

The hallway between the two apartments has seen its fair share of drama and commotion. But one of the most notable moments is when Rachel drops that very creamy, very tasty cheesecake on the floor.

Some would call it karma for stealing it from the neighbor, others would say it’s a clumsy coincidence. But they still eat it off the floor, anyway.

Now, you can roleplay the scene that sees Joey, Rachel and Chandler snacking on... well... floor cheesecake! Mmmm, delicious.

All the good times in Monica’s apartment...

It’s a set that any true Friends fan will love – and the best part is, you can choose to display each apartment separately or connect them together to make one big masterpiece. Now, no-one told you life was gonna be this way... but it really is THIS good... you can now recreate some of your favorite Friends scenes from your living room. As Ross is to Rachel and Joey is to sandwiches, it’s perfectly paired with the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set... 

That is, after you’ve binged the whole of season 1 first... we see you running to the sofa...

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