Start playing

Every game has a start, and the Starter Course is it! It’s also a must-have, because the Starter Course is the only set with LEGO® Mario™ himself, so you really need it to kick-start the adventure. The interactive LEGO Mario figure shows a variety of reactions on his built-in LCD screens and speaker.

Create a whole world

The great thing about LEGO® Super Mario™ is… it’s made from LEGO bricks, so every set fits with every other set. Just get the Starter Course, with 231 pieces and the LEGO® Mario™ figure, and then you can add, build and rebuild with Expansion Sets in endless amazing ways. You can even use some of the LEGO bricks you already have at home.

Test his reactions

LEGO® Mario™ has a color sensor under his feet, so he knows what he’s standing on, or jumping on! Slide through the bricks to see his many reactions.

Sound on

Playing LEGO® Super Mario™ sounds just like it did when we were kids, with LEGO Mario’s built-in speaker that plays the music and SFX you know and love, including his reactions to the things he encounters, plus cool sound bites like: “LEGO Mario time!”

Motion Sensor

LEGO® Mario® has a super cool built-in motion sensor that knows where he is, and what position he’s gotten himself into – whether he’s doing a low or high jump to collect extra coins, smashing down, sliding side to side, standing up, lying down or going round in circles!


Mario’s never out of touch with his Bluetooth™ connection, activated by a switch on his back. It connects him to the app, so after playing a level, you can see the challenges he faced, the enemies he defeated, and how many coins he collected.

The Play Experience

LEGO® Super Mario™ unites analog and digital play like never before, with endless scope to build, play and rebuild so each adventure is unique. And the whole experience is enhanced by the LEGO Super Mario app, which offers great ideas and safe sharing with friends.

Kids benefits

LEGO® Super Mario™ is a great way for kids to learn through play. As well as building and rebuilding, they get to enjoy his reactions and sounds. They can engage and compete with other children in a fun way.