Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Looking for the purr-fect gift for the animal lover in your life?

We’ve been making LEGO® animal sets since 1935, but with so many critter-based options to choose from, it can be hard deciding on the perfect one. To help you make the all-important decision, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for any animal enthusiast, whatever age they are.

Whether they’re exploring the ocean alongside whales and dolphins, heading into the wild with lions and tigers, or walking with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, there are so many exciting creatures to discover in our epic animal collection.

The Insect Collection

Delight the nature lover in your life with The Insect Collection.

Featuring three life-size, posable models, this set allows LEGO® builders the chance to get up close with some of the world’s most extraordinary insects in their natural habitats.

The blue morpho butterfly comes complete with adjustable wings, a buildable flower and a honeybee. The Hercules beetle has attachable wings and horns, and the Chinese mantis shares its habitat with a 7-spotted ladybird.

For even more insect inspiration, accompanying the set is a playlist curated by award-winning Foley artist Sanaa Kelley, who has recreated each insect’s unique sounds using only LEGO bricks and packaging!

3in1 LEGO® Animal Sets

Prepare to have triple the fun with one of our amazing 3in1 sets! Designed to set imaginations soaring, each of these toys lets you choose to put the model together in three different ways, so kids (and adults) can enjoy endless hours of creative fun.

Step into the great outdoors this festive season with the Birdhouse (31143). Kids can build the cute birdhouse, complete with five birds, before turning it into a hedgehog and squirrel, or a beehive with four bees and some honeycomb.

The posable White Rabbit (31133) makes a cute gift for any animal lover, and can be turned into a white seal or cockatoo! Puppy fans will love the Adorable Dogs (31137) set, which lets kids build some of their favourite breeds including a beagle, poodle or husky.

If you’re looking for something a little more tropical, the Exotic Pink Parrot (31144) is a colourful model that can also be turned into a swimming fish or leaping frog. And if you want to add an extra touch of magic, why not give the gift of a Magical Unicorn (31140), which can also be turned into a seahorse or an enchanted peacock!


Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price29,99 €

White Rabbit

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price19,99 €

Adorable Dogs

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price29,99 €

Magical Unicorn

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price9,99 €

Exotic Pink Parrot

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price24,99 €

Dog Rescue Centre

Calling all dog lovers!

A great gift for kids aged 7 and over, they will love creating their own pup-inspired tales as they care for the cute dogs waiting to be adopted at the Rescue Centre.

Whether kids are washing and brushing Pickle the dog at the grooming station or playing with the dog duo of Dash and Grace on the obstacle course, there is so much fun to be had with this set. LEGO® Friends characters Autumn, Zac and Dr Gabriela Silva are on hand to help with tons of cute accessories such as toys, scales, medicine, water and a bed.

For even more play possibilities, the modular style means the Dog Rescue Centre can also be rearranged in countless different ways!

Brachiosaurus Discovery

Step into the awe-inspiring world of Jurassic Park with this epic set.

The perfect gift for dinosaur fans aged 9+, kids can recreate the iconic scene from the Jurassic Park film where Dr Ellie Satler and Dr Alan Grant see the Brachiosaurus for the very first time.

At over 24cm high, the posable Brachiosaurus figure is the tallest LEGO® dinosaur to date. The set also includes a brick-built Jeep Wrangler and tree, complete with a viewing platform and detachable leaves that kids can feed to the dinosaur – just like Dr Alan Grant did in the film!

Arctic Explorer LEGO® City Sets

Your gift just got a whole lot cooler with our Arctic Explorer LEGO® City sets! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you join polar bears, orcas and seals on the icy tundra.

The floatable Arctic Explorer Ship (60368) is the perfect vessel to explore the frozen waters. The huge boat is packed full of cool vehicles, such as a helicopter, dingy and underwater sub, plus the set also includes tons of realistic equipment for hours of ocean exploration.

For adventures on land, the Arctic Explorer Snowmobile (60376) comes complete with tracked wheels and skis, plus an Arctic scene and detachable toy camera! Budding explorers will also love the Arctic Explorer Vehicle and Mobile Lab (60378), which lets them plough through the snowy landscape and retrieve the mysterious meteorite to test in the lab.

Each set is brought to life with fantastic LEGO minifigures, amazing animals and tons of accessories.

Arctic Explorer Ship

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price149,99 €

Arctic Explorer Snowmobile

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price9,99 €

Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price69,99 €

LEGO® Friends Sea Sets

Head to the beach with one of our LEGO® Friends sea sets!

Nature-loving kids will enjoy helping Nova and Aliya clean up the shores of Heartlake City with the Sea Rescue Boat (41734). The buildable catamaran rolls over the rubbish in the ocean to capture it in the nets ready for recycling, and the boat even doubles as a research lab too!

Kids can create even more exciting ocean rescue stories with the Sea Rescue Centre (41736). They can use the water scooter to pull up to the dock, then head inside to clean, feed and x-ray the otters. Once they’re well again, the otters can slide into the rehab area or even swim back out to the ocean.

For even more beach-side fun, kids aged 12+ can head to the Beach Amusement Park (41737). Complete with a rotating carousel, a wave machine with moving surfer and a shooting gallery game, this advanced building challenge includes LEGO Technic elements for added movement and realism.

Each set comes complete with several LEGO mini-dolls, plus lots of adorable animals for hours of critter-based fun!

Sea Rescue Boat

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price84,99 €

Sea Rescue Center

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price49,99 €

Beach Amusement Park

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price99,99 €

Bird's Nest

Share the joy of this adorable bird family with your loved ones.

The perfect gift for nature lovers, this LEGO® Bird's Nest set includes a buildable nest complete with flowering branches, plus a space for the mummy bird, two chicks and three colourful eggs.

The birds and eggs can be removed and rearranged, plus all three birds have moveable wings so the nest can be displayed in many different ways.

LEGO® City Explorer Boats Sets

Dive into hours of endless ocean-inspired adventures with our LEGO® City Explorer Boat sets!

Perfect for exploring the sea bed, the cool Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine (60379) comes complete with grabber claws, plus a bubble cockpit and internal laboratory. Kids can open the submarine’s fuselage to deploy the water drone, or put one of the six minifigures into the mech-style diving suit to get up close and personal with the seabed. Also included is a shipwreck to explore, with jellyfish and circling sharks – plus there’s even an extra surprise shark function for curious divers!

For even more water-based fun, the inflatable Explorer Diving Boat (60377) lets kids deploy a mini submarine to venture down to the seafloor where a treasure chest lies hidden within the colourful coral reef. The set also comes complete with a manta ray, shark, crab, two fish and two sea turtles, and three minifigures!

Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price104,99 €

Explorer Diving Boat

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price29,99 €

Jade Rabbit

Celebrate the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival all year long with this detailed Jade Rabbit model.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. One of the festival’s beloved mascots, the Jade Rabbit is depicted sitting on a snow skin mooncake while it creates divine medicine. Eating mooncake is one of the traditions of the festival, and the model also opens up to reveal an egg yolk and two smaller rabbits inside.

The perfect gift for those celebrating the Moon Festival, the bright yellow moon and beautiful clouds make this a fun display piece too!

Wild Animals of the World

Take a walk on the wild side!

Packed full of 22 different animals in their natural habitats, this LEGO® DUPLO® set takes kids aged 2+ on a journey to all seven continents.

Our big bricks are designed to help little hands and minds to develop. Whether they’re meeting pandas in Asia, lions in Africa, koalas in Australia or penguins in the Antarctic, there is so much to explore with this build-and-play set. Wild Animals of the World encourages your toddler’s creativity and imagination through play, while expanding their understanding of and care for nature.

Bringing the set to life is a sound brick that plays realistic animal sounds. There’s even a foldable map that means kids can travel across the globe and back!

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