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10 Best LEGO® Plane and Helicopter Toys

10 Best LEGO® Plane and Helicopter Toys

This is your captain speaking – everyone loves flying machines. Whether it’s a super-fast jet, a fire and rescue helicopter or a ninja combat airplane, there’s something amazing about soaring through the air.

When it comes to playing pilot, there are all sorts of LEGO sets ready to take off. These are ten of our favorites.

LEGO® City – Fire Station

Soar above the city in a helicopter to become a fire-fighting hero with the feature-rich LEGO City Fire Station playset!

With the helicopter, kids aged 6 and above can launch LEGO water splat elements down onto the fiery blaze below to save the city!

The 540-piece set also comes with a fire engine, a 3-level fire station and 5 minifigures including LEGO City TV characters Freya McCloud and Finn McCormack.

LEGO® Jurassic World – Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush

Uh oh! The plane is under attack from a huge Quetzalcoatlus!

Relive the action of Jurassic World: Dominion with this cool set that combines kids’ passion for planes with their love of dinosaurs!

The buildable plane’s engines are designed to break off (and reattach) when the pesky Quetzalcoatlus attacks, and there’s space in the cockpit for minifigures of Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Kayla Watts.

There’s also a buildable fire extinguisher and flashlight, plus Owen’s motorcycle, which stows perfectly in the plane’s opening cargo hold for extra-realism to send kids’ imaginations soaring!

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LEGO® DUPLO® – Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter

Inspire little heroes aged 2 and above with the LEGO DUPLO® Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter!

Toddlers will love playing with this bustling fire station, which comes complete with authentic details and functioning accessories! As well as a helicopter, there’s a Push&Go fire truck to whizz through the swinging doors towards an emergency, a fire element and even tools to extinguish the flames.

When kids aren’t out saving the city with the two male and female firefighter figures, they can roleplay living and working together in the ‘home away from home’ fire station.

LEGO® City – Rescue Helicopter Transport

Take adventures where they need to go with this transport truck carrying the city’s new rescue helicopter!

With an articulated trailer and fold-out warning lights, this heavy-duty truck is ready to navigate to the rescue base or directly to the action. Set up, unpack and launch the helicopter into the air with its pilot minifigure while the driver handles the scene on the ground.

The helicopter features spinnable rotors as well as a storage area for carrying the included stretcher.

LEGO® City – Fire Helicopter

That’s one hot dog! The hotdog vendor overcooked his merchandise and his garbage can is on fire.

Call in the LEGO City firefighter and his fully equipped helicopter to swoop in and extinguish the flames. The helicopter features spinning rotors and a storage area for any supplies the fire team might need.

Once the crisis is averted, the firefighter can pick up a tasty hotdog for himself – though maybe not the burned one!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Town Airplane & Airport

Young ones can take to the air with the DUPLO dad and daughter on their way to see family and friends.

Help them board the airplane and remove the top section so play can continue aboard – or explore the airport with its opening door and rotating airport control tower, including a luggage slide.

Builders are cleared for landing!

LEGO® City – Fire Rescue Helicopter

Oh no – the power plant is on fire! But don’t worry, the LEGO Fire Rescue Helicopter is on the scene. Kids can stack LEGO flames to build the scene and then launch water pieces from the helicopter’s cannons to avert disaster.

This LEGO helicopter set comes equipped with a high-speed fire rescue motorcycle so the LEGO City TV hero Clemmons can get to the action on wheels as well as by air.

Tackle every disaster with included accessories like the stretcher, which can be stored in the helicopter’s cargo hold, a firefighter helmet and a wrench. Worker and pilot minifigures are included with Clemmons to support full rescue missions and help your kids pilot everyone to safety.

LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy – Boulder Blaster

The only toy better than an airplane toy is a ninja airplane toy! From season 4 of the LEGO NINJAGO® TV series, the Boulder Blaster shooting airplane lets your kids act out scenes from the show by launching each of the 8 spring-loaded shooters on the front to take down the evil Eyezor.

The set comes with a prison building where Lloyd is trapped – go on exciting, daredevil rescue missions to save your ninja ally!

The set comes with minifigures of the ninjas Cole and Lloyd as well as the villain Eyezor so kids can play out epic battles of good vs. evil as they take the Boulder Blaster to the skies.

The set also includes a special golden Kai Legacy collectible minifigure with a stand to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO toys.

LEGO® City – Police Helicopter Chase

Criminals beware as this LEGO Police Helicopter Chase set swoops in to save the day.

Featuring a LEGO City police helicopter and all-terrain vehicle as well as crime-fighters Sam Grizzled and his partner, children will be equipped to chase down the crooks as they try to get away on their truck and motorbike.

This LEGO helicopter set features a real magnet for grabbing the stolen safe off the back of the villain’s truck – if the good guys are fast enough.

And once the infamous LEGO City TV crook Snake Rattler is caught, he can be snapped in cuffs and put away for good!

LEGO® City – Passenger Airplane

The LEGO City Passenger Airplane is coming in for a landing. With eight different minifigures, including singer Poppy Starr from the LEGO City Adventures TV series, there are plenty of people waiting to get on board.

The huge aircraft has seating for the pilot and passengers, and there’s even room onboard for Poppy’s red convertible automobile. This LEGO airplane toy for kids and adults comes with a control tower and a terminal that even has a luggage conveyor.The set also incorporates an airport truck, a car lift and an airstair, as well as loads of accessories to make it feel like a real airport.

With 669 pieces and a removable top to the airplane, this is a set that you can play with again and again.

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