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Arts and CraftsArts and Crafts

LEGO® Arts and Crafts

LEGO® arts and crafts can be anything from fun things for kids to build to creative activities for the whole family. Have you ever used LEGO® tiles, bricks and elements to create your own artwork or decorate a room in your house? Scroll down to get our best tips for your next rainy-day project!
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How to Become an Arts and Crafts Expert

Who says your child needs to be an expert? Never mind about getting it ‘perfect’ the first time, as long as you do it together. If you’re curious, okay with things getting a little messy or ugly, and you want to have fun, you’ve already achieved 90% success. Okay, we made up that figure, but you get the picture.

Whether creativity is life-essential to your family or maybe slightly out of your comfort zone, it’s so simple and easy to get started with materials you already have. Creativity is just about combining known things in new ways. And if it doesn’t look like you imagined, just give it another go!

Why Make Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids?

Kids are natural born creatives. Sometimes, as we grow up, we’re taught that creativity is not a productive way to spend our time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kids who are encouraged to express themselves creatively with any material can learn problem-solving and mathematical skills, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, empathy and much more. Skills that help anyone at any age – including us grown-ups.
  • LEGO® DOTS – #DotYourWorld

    The world is your canvas – LEGO® DOTS gives you shapes, swirls, colors and sparkle to fill it with beautiful patterns!

    Cool, quirky and bursting with personality, LEGO DOTS mini tiles are for kids ages 6+ who love craft making, accessories and art and DIY projects. From funny, funky, themed bracelets to mosaics and room décor sets, kids can accessorize, customize and personalize their creations.
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Holiday Crafts – Build Your Own Decorations

With just a few LEGO® bricks, kids can build a unique little gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah or “just because”. Want to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree or Halloween party? Insert a small piece of string between two bricks in your home-made LEGO decorations to hang them around the house. Find more inspiration and free building tips here.

Fun DIY Toy Animals

Does your child want a dinosaur one day, a dog, cat, giraffe or pet pig the next? Good news: If you inspire them to build their own with LEGO® bricks, they can have any toy animal they want, anytime. Tip: Challenge them to build a crocodile with just five bricks, then turn it into a pet fish, toy kitten or any other animal they love. And watch your young vet’s imagination run wild.

Fun Things to Do with Kids

How do you encourage your child to do arts and crafts? If they watch you experiment with creative projects, they will be curious to join you. Provide them with safe, age-appropriate materials, and maybe just cover the table/floor/child/yourself if needed. It may get messy, but you can have so much fun together! Let them enjoy the process, and the skills and results will follow. We promise.

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