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Every set from the LEGO® Winter Village Collection

Every set from the LEGO® Winter Village Collection so far

From its first offering in 2009, the LEGO® Winter Village collection was instantly an annual highlight for many fans. From festive trains and gingerbread houses to winter markets and snow-covered workshops, the LEGO Winter Village has built a diverse seasonal collective packed with buildings, rich story-telling and fun features. Each release delivers an exciting experience that seems to bring fans of all ages together, to co-create and expand on their ‘brick-built’ winter wonderland!

But where to stay?

After 15 years of the Winter Village Collection continuingly expanding, an increase in minifigure ‘visitor appeal’ has arisen, thus growing the need for some suitable accommodation for these mini tourists.

It became apparent that our minifigure friends needed somewhere to relax, sip hot chocolate and grab some quality down time. So, jump on the tram and get yourself to the grand opening of the new LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge... the idyllic winter retreat we’ve all been waiting for.

The perfect lodgings

Welcome to the Alpine Lodge, the new three-storied resort that caters for all your wintery needs and staycation dreams. Architecturally, this building evokes images of south and central European ski resorts. The stone-grey ground floor perches beneath the timber/logged upper floor, all framed perfectly with a snow-covered apex roof. This welcoming exterior is merely a prelude to the very cozy interior. On the ground floor sits a generous reception area with a guest book, Christmas tree, seating and an illuminating log fire.

Upstairs, the second floor boasts a fully furnished, twin bedroom, while further up under the sloped roof sits a characterful loft bedroom, but watch your head on those low roof beams!

Outside, there’s an opportunity to practice your winter sports in the skating area – or for more adventurous minifigures to grab the keys to the resort’s snowmobile, pack their ski gear and get up on the slopes.

The lodge’s addition to the LEGO Winter Village collection brings another great dimension into the range and offers another helping of fun storytelling – it’s already become an essential addition to the destination. Plus, it looks awesome on display!

Looking back at the story so far…

The Alpine Lodge is the 15th set to be released in the LEGO Winter Village range, following the LEGO Holiday Main Street in 2022 (which is still available to purchase).

Starting back in 2009 with a snow-covered toy shop, the theme has seen a diverse range of releases. We have seen magical festive offerings like Santa’s Workshop, a Gingerbread House, even an Elf Club House. Then there’s the real-world delights that include a post office, train station, bakery, fire station, family homes, shops and now an alpine lodge.

The LEGO® Elf Club House set from 2020

Each set has its own set of clever details, accessories, minifigure characters and vehicles to build the winter story. In fact, did you know that all 15 sets include their own Christmas tree – some even light up!

The LEGO® Santa’s Visit set from 2021

Fun fact: Across the collection, Santa has only appeared twice, most recently in the LEGO Santa’s Visit set from 2021.

Since 2012, each set has come with multiple instruction booklets, making these ideal for building together with friends and family. The perfect excuse to spend more time with your loved ones during the holiday season, because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to help click together this magical winter wonderland?

You can display the sets any way you wish, endlessly customize the layout and build your own additions to the scene. So, pour yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, get that box open wide, and start building your own winter wonderland display today… It’s never too late to join the festive fun!

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