LEGO® Spider-Man

Since 2011, our friendly neighborhood LEGO® Spider-Man minifigures have swung into hundreds of truly amazing LEGO sets. Stick around to catch our Spidey collection.

Web-slinging wonders

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Price349,99 €
Paskutinė galimybė

Voriuko komanda Žaliojo goblino švyturyje

Price37,99 €
Paskutinė galimybė

Miles Morales: Žmogaus voro techno triratis

Price10,99 €

Nepaprastas Žmogus voras

Price199,99 €

Paskutinis žmogaus-voro mūšis

Price124,99 €

Voriuko komandos mobilioji būstinė

Price54,99 €

Žmogaus voro figūrėlė

Price34,99 €

Žmogaus voro namai

Price27,99 €

From seasoned wall-crawlers to first-time crawlers…

LEGO® Spider-Man sets deliver endless fun, creativity and exciting adventures to ignite imaginations across generations.

Big adventures for little ones

Help budding crimefighters take on the world alongside their favorite Spidey and His Amazing Friends characters.

Epic LEGO® Spider-Man sets for adults

Because why should anyone ever grow out of something as awesome as Spider-Man?


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