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Building Magical Friendships

Let kids explore the exciting LEGO® Friends sets together with their BFFs to make playtimes truly magical.

LEGO® Friends advento kalendorius

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Heartlake City parkas

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Prabangus stovyklavimas gamtoje

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Andrėjos automobilis ir scena

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Hartleiko miesto kirpykla

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Heartlake City kepykla

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Emma dalmatino kubelis

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Šuniukų žaidimų aikštelė

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Make the Christmas countdown magical

Dial up the festive excitement with this charming Advent Calendar. Behind every door is a LEGO® Friends gift or mini build!

Build Amazing Stories

No better feeling than creating adorable and unique sets, with colorful details that bring all the incredible stories together!
  • Create a colorful display!

    Bring the hotel’s garden to life with the set’s beautiful summer flowers.
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Get back to nature

Join Mia, Kevin and Savannah at their cool ranch hideaway as they saddle up for an exciting horseback adventure.

Explore the Magical Funfair

With its magic show and fun carnival rides.

Destination: adventure!

Escape the city on an action-packed road trip.

Full of fun functions

Make the mini-dolls disappear in the magic box!

Where learning’s always fun!

Study bugs in science, play music and create a work of art.

Family Fun at the Heartlake City Mall

From food to music, tech to toys – there’s a store for everyone!

Party at Andrea’s!

Welcome to Andrea’s family home! Join Stephanie as Andrea takes you for the grand tour.

Building for the digital age

Download the interactive Building Instructions app and unlock your inner master builder. It has step-by-step guides, with cool rotate and zoom view modes for a more fun experience.

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