Top 7 LEGO® Back-to-School Accessories

The Top 7 LEGO® Back-to-School Accessories

Going back to school means new school accessories – and these accessories are the best way to make a splash in the classroom with a unique style and creative twist.

Stock up on school bag accessories, school desk organizers and all sorts of other cool extras for bringing play and learning together!

LEGO® DOTS – Bag Tag Dog

This easy-to-assemble LEGO® DOTS bag tag is the best school bag accessory for young animal lovers to show their passion and creativity!

With a small cube with loads of room for cool puppy or dog designs, and a silicone ring to attach it to a bag or backpack, the customization options are endless.

Kids can design a puppy’s face using inspiration from the packaging or come up with their own ideas, and redesign it over and over to reflect their mood or their style each day.

Get even more customization by combining the set with other items from the DOTS line and creating wild new designs!

LEGO Merchandise – Peapod Girl Key Chain

Pop some green goodness into your life with this cheerful Peapod Girl Key Chain. A minifigure in a delightfully quirky, pea-tastic costume, it’ll make kids’ friends green with envy!

Your young ones can use the cool minifigure keyring to keep keys safe or attach it to a backpack or bag with the durable metal ring and chain to accessorize their other items.

LEGO DOTS – Desk Organizer

Know a young one with a messy desk? The school desk organizer makes keeping tidy fun and creative!

Made for quick assembly, this DIY toy includes a working drawer and loads of opportunities for making the design unique with lots of patterns that can be removed and redesigned to match a room’s décor.

There’s a storage tray to keep the extra pieces together for quick art, as well as lots of space in the organizer itself.

With two sections for holding pencils or other supplies, the opening drawer and a photo holder, it’s as useful as it is stylish!

LEGO DOTS – Pencil Holder

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Price21,99 €

This LEGO pencil holder will help keep desks free of clutter – and it looks great, too!

With a design that’s ready to blast off, this rocket ship has an opening window frame for a picture or a drawing, as well as storage space at the back for pencils or stationery.

The design in blue and black comes with plenty of colorful tiles so kids can customize it to make it completely their own.

Combine it with other LEGO sets to create a personal creative style!

LEGO Merchandise – 2x4 Green Metallic Key Chain

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2x4 žalio metalo raktų pakabukas

Price5,99 €
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Add some flair to kids’ belongings with this 2x4 green metallic brick on a durable keyring – great for keeping locker or home keys safe or as a standalone attachment to a bag!

The functional LEGO brick can connect to others and form the foundation of a custom keyring design, or you can stick with the metallic green brick on its own for a statement item that helps keeps keys together!

LEGO DOTS – Go Team! Bracelet

Kids can show off their personal style or use this fashionable blue strap as a friendship bracelet to share on the playground.

The strap is adjustable to fit any wrist and comes with 32 colorful tiles, including special tiles decorated with sports-themed icons so kids can design and redesign to suit their own tastes or to show off a love for their favorite sport.

The tiles in this set allow for loads of different vibrant combinations, or they can be combined with tiles or pieces from other LEGO sets to come up with fabulous new looks!

LEGO DOTS – Multi Pack – Summer Vibes

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Price32,99 €

Know a young artist with a passion for creating all sorts of different things? This pack is a great way to keep them building!

Including a lion bag tag, a bracelet, a picture frame that can be hung up and a cactus-shaped pencil holder, kids will be able to keep adding new touches to their designs all summer long.

Use the included tiles to add all sorts of looks to each of the different builds, or go even further and add in tiles from other sets to create unique art pieces for a school desk or bag, or to keep at home and inspire kids while they’re doing homework!