12 Best LEGO® Arts & Crafts For Kids

12 Best LEGO® Arts & Crafts For Kids

Budding young artists need projects to allow them to express their creativity – and these LEGO® sets are a great way to put together some fun ideas!

Assemble decorations, personalize school bags or combine them all into one mega build. The possibilities are endless with these fantastic LEGO brick crafts.

LEGO® DOTS – Unicorn Creative Family Pack

Bond with younger family members over a shared love for creative expression with the LEGO DOTS Unicorn Creative Family Pack.

With 5 different DOTS canvases, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy, including 2 slimline bracelets, a unicorn box stationery holder with removable top, a small message board and a bunting kit with string.

Arts & craft-loving kids will absolutely love having their intrinsic creativity nurtured by their loved ones on birthdays, on rainy days, or family weekends away!

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Panda Tray

Create an adorable storage box to tuck away treats and treasures with this fun and functional LEGO DOTS Cute Panda Tray set!

This cool panda tray can be customized in any way imaginable; it’s the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their creativity and nurture their passion for design! There’s tons of storage space too, with a large tray for the body and a smaller box for the head.

The best part is that the tray can be redesigned time and time again, so the fun never has to end!

LEGO® DOTS – Adhesive Patch

Express your personality wherever you go with this 8x8 LEGO DOTS Adhesive Patch!

Featuring 90+ super colorful tiles, a 6 cm square adhesive patch and some funky design ideas to get started with, this set is overflowing with creative inspiration for crafty kids aged 6 and above.

This set is tons of fun on its own, but it can also be used along with extra DOTS bags or boxes (sold separately) to expand the design possibilities.

This set makes a great just-because gift for DIY-loving kids who love creative projects!

LEGO® DOTS – Big Box

Store secrets, jewelry or anything else in a totally customizable box with the LEGO DOTS Big Box set!

This kit is the perfect opportunity for kids to grow their creative confidence with a no-pressure design project that promises tons of fun!

With heaps of colorful tiles to choose from, this set comes with tons of design possibilities for kids who love neon color schemes or those who prefer pastel palettes.

This set can be redesigned as many times as kids want for a never-ending creative outlet.

LEGO® DOTS – Designer Toolkit – Patterns

With more than 860 tiles in 5 different styles and color universes, the LEGO DOTS Designer Toolkit has everything kids need to express their personalities!

There are 10 stylish DOTS canvases to choose from in this premium set, including a double-row bracelet, adhesive and stitch-on patches, 2 message tags, a desk tray, a pencil pot, a note tray and a large photo frame.

Designed as an outlet for expressing creative flair, stylish school kids aged 8+ will be able to show their unique creations on the playground!

LEGO® DOTS ǀ Disney – Mickey & Friends Bracelets Mega Pack

This one’s for the Disney fans! Kids can combine their love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse with their passion for arts & crafts to create 5 fun bracelets!

This set includes tons of tiles with funky colors, glitter designs and exclusive decorations for completely unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery creations.

Kids can take design inspiration from the examples on the box or anything else in the world around them that sparks their creativity – and when they dream up a new idea, this set can be redesigned as many times as they like!

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Banana Pen Holder

Store your pens in style with this ap-peel-ing Banana Pen Holder set! Use the pieces included to make a banana that suits your mood and look, from a happy, smiling banana to a grumpy old banana complete with spots.

Mix in tiles from other DOTS sets to make a wild new look for the set, then place it on display in a bedroom or on a desk, ready to keep your pens where you can reach them!

LEGO® DOTS – Creative Party Kit

Know someone who loves sweet treats? Cater to both their love of baked goods and their creative streak by giving them the chance to decorate their own colorful cupcake toys.

Featuring removable icing that hides a secret compartment, it’s a fun way to hide sweets or small surprises.

With eight customizable cupcakes and loads of tiles, candles and stickers, each design will be unique – and there’s even party inspiration to help parents use the cupcakes to make it the best day ever for their youngster!

LEGO® DOTS – Multi Pack – Summer Vibes

Craft everything! This cool summer craft kit has lots of different arts activities to engage in, from building picture frames and pencil holders to decorating bracelets and redesigning a lion bag tag.

Kids can use the tiles included to create endless different designs on all of the pieces, or mix and match within the set and with other DOTS sets to make wild and wacky new ideas.

The light blue bracelet and the customizable bag tag are great ways to share creativity with friends through fashion, while the picture frame that can be hung on a wall and the spikey cactus pencil holder with movable arms are ideal for decorating a child’s bedroom with their own designs.

LEGO® DOTS – Creative Designer Box

Make a range of different customizable designs with this giant designer box!

Use the instructions in the magazine included to create a desk organizer, two-level standing drawers, a hanging message board, a picture frame and a small tray – or go online for even more building instructions to inspire many more designs.

With over 650 tiles, including 72 alphabet-printed ones, there are millions of different ways to decorate each item, using colors and messages that kids can mix up and change whenever they like.

Take the creativity even further by combining with other DOTS sets for new build options!

LEGO® DOTS – Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag

Sweet style! This candy-themed craft set includes pastel-colored tiles and candy swirls to assemble two separate sugary accessories.

Kids can put together a friendship bracelet with the adjustable yellow band and all of the tiles from the set to show off their own look or share with a pal.

Then they can decorate the cube bag tag with a kitty’s face in an expression that suits them and style that with the tiles too!


Maybe your young LEGO artist doesn’t just want a little creativity – maybe they want a lot of creativity! With over a thousand tiles, this set is the perfect accompaniment to the entire LEGO DOTS range for adding lots of flair and style to household decorations and wearables alike.

The set includes 44 different types of DOTS tiles, like quarter, half and full circles and squares – and of course lots of different colors to choose from.

Add a whole new palette and look to all your favorite DOTS sets!

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