Shop by Age

Shop by Age

As your child grows through their pre-school years, we make sure that LEGO® DUPLO® grows with them, with quality sets that excite and support their natural discovery process.

That’s why, after much research, we’ve curated these suggested age ranges, to help guide you to the perfect set for your little one.

Of course, you know your child better than anyone, and you might discover that their perfect set might be in an older or younger age range.

But rest assured, however old your toddler, whatever their interests and whatever their developmental journey – we’ve got them covered.

The journey of discovery begins… These tailored sets are designed to help the littlest hands master our big bricks, encouraging them to create (and break) towers, recognize animals and everyday objects, and even gain confidence in their ABCs and 123s!

Resilience starts here as, through trial-and-error, kids finally figure out how to click two bricks together for the first time.

Self-Expression starts here, as kids begin to express their emotions, either through playing with their new builds or with the diverse LEGO DUPLO characters, vehicles and elements.

Confidence starts here, with every creation made and every puzzle solved.

Through the explorative play these sets offer, kids can begin experimenting with (and understanding) more complex building structures. As their knowledge of their world develops, we start introducing beloved, role-playable characters from their favorite themes of the world around them, to support their learning and creativity.

Resilience continues here, as kids begin to build bigger and start to understand how to make more complex structures.

Self-Expression continues here, as kids might start showing interest in unfolding their own stories, by including real-life and fantasy superheroes in their playtime narratives.

Confidence continues here as they become more accustomed to DUPLO play and might start realizing that different-shaped bricks can still fit together.

Our most complex LEGO DUPLO sets encourage children to make creations that are truly unique and personal to them – with a focus on decoration and limitless functionality. Plus, get ready for role-play with beloved characters and themes that will fire their imagination like never before!

Resilience is strengthened here, as kids overcome the challenges introduced by our most advanced DUPLO sets.

Self-Expression is strengthened here, as kids show curiosity in expressing their own stories and take advantage of fun characters and surprising functionalities.

Confidence is strengthened here, as they share their many and varied creations with the people they love most… People like you!

At this point in time, your child might be up for new challenges and moving onto (so-called…) ‘normal’-sized bricks. If so, there’s no better place for them to start than our specially dedicated 4+ page, filled with sets that are tailored to 4-year-old hands. Help your kid get started bridging the gap between LEGO DUPLO and the rest of that big, wide, LEGO world!

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