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LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of $295 or more*Learn more

LEGO City Train Sets & Tracks

LEGO® City Trains: Your ticket to adventure

Stay on track to travel to exciting new adventures, soaring through imaginative plotlines aboard precision-engineered builds...

Make your own journey

Our trains are ready to leave their station, just as soon as your little one pops their conductor’s hat on!

Let’s see where the tracks take us

Jump aboard to explore all corners of LEGO® City. Let’s go!

Action Station

A train station is the perfect place to find new adventures and new friends. What’s the next stop going to be?

Be your own conductor

Headed for skyscrapers or epic mountain ranges? Our sets let kids decide their next step.

Don’t forget to pack!

This custom-built train crane is the perfect way to store your cargo, whatever it may be...

How to control your train

Remote-controlled LEGO® City train set-up tutorial

App-controlled LEGO® City train set-up tutorial

Track your journey

Anything is possible with LEGO® City Trains. Lay down the tracks, tweak them with our intuitive, adjustable train track mechanisms and embark on epic journeys that’ll take you far and wide, above and beyond. How many new routes will your kid discover along the way?
Police helicopter
Let's go places