LEGO® City Holiday & Farm Life

LEGO® City Holiday & Farm Life

We’re all going on a summer holiday. The forecast is beaches, trains, farm toys, and a hint of limitless, innovative play. (Plus a camper van or two, of course…)

From train toy sets to LEGO® camper vans

City Break

There’s no better way to get away for the weekend than in a fully decked-out Camper Van…

Training session

... Unless, of course, you prefer the luxurious life of a remote-controlled premium train! The only question now is, where will you go?

Sea, Sand and Sun

Can we tempt you with a trip to the beach? There are turtles... or (to really sweeten the deal) ice cream!

Farmyard Frolics

Of course, you might be looking for a more rural setting for your urban getaway (just remember to hold your nose!)
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