LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of $295 or more*Learn more

LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of $295 or more*Learn more


Tuxedo Cat


Will be shipped by 5 September 2024

Limit 5
Small parts.
Building Instructions

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Lifelike tuxedo cat model for display

Construct a realistic, posable and customisable (and allergy-friendly!) tuxedo cat model with this building kit for adults.

Fabulous feline room decor

Indulge your passion for animals, art and design and create striking home decor with this buildable tuxedo cat statue.

LEGO® Ideas Tuxedo Cat

Playful poses

Rotate the cat’s head and adjust its ears, paws and tail.

Alternative eye colours

Select yellow or blue eyes.

Different expressions

Easily rebuild the cat's mouth to be open or closed.

An immersive and joyful creative experience

Enjoy quality time recreating the distinctive black fur and white underbelly of a tuxedo cat using LEGO® bricks.

Cat gift for animal-loving adults

Treat yourself or gift this collectible LEGO® set to another creative adult who loves animals, nature or design.
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