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The best LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ sets

The best LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ sets

The Lord of the Rings™ is an epic tale of good versus evil that takes place in a rich and beautiful fantasy world, populated by endearing and iconic characters. So, it’s probably no surprise that we’ve released many The Lord of the Rings sets over the years.

Whether you’re looking for a LEGO® The Lord of the Rings gift for a superfan or something beautiful to display in your office or home, join us as we set off on an epic quest to round up the best LEGO The Lord of the Rings sets.

LEGO®Icons The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr™

In the heart of Mordor™ stands the Fortress of Barad-dûr™ – the tall, intimidating tower perhaps best known for hosting the burning Eye of Sauron™.

The LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr set features detailed interior, including Sauron’s throne room, an Orc forge and plenty of other hidden secrets. This impressive set also comes with ten minifigures, including Sauron™, the Mouth of Sauron™, and Frodo™, Sam and Gollum™.

If Barad-dûr was a real place, you’d probably want to avoid it, but when you see this set, you’ll love it more than even the Dark Lord himself.


One of the most stunning locations in Middle-earth™ has become one of the most elegant, impressive and awe-inspiring LEGO sets.

The LEGO Icons THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RIVENDELL™ set holds 6,167 pieces, making it one of the biggest sets we’ve ever released. It’s filled with memorable locations, including The Council of Elrond™ where the Fellowship of the Ring is first formed, Bilbo’s study, and a statue displaying the Shards of Narsil™.

It includes 15 minifigures including Gandalf™, Aragorn™, Legolas and Gimli™, along with the four hobbits that join the Fellowship, and an aged Bilbo Baggins™.

This epic LEGO Lord of the Rings set is the perfect beginning to your own journey to Middle-earth.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Legolas & Gimli™

They start off as enemies and end up best friends, and along the way Legolas and Gimli fight tirelessly against the forces of darkness.

You can honor them with these LEGO BrickHeadz™ figures that display Legolas’ outfit with a specially decorated LEGO piece and bow and arrow, while Gimli wears a helmet and holds his trusted axe.

This set is affordable in price and small in size (especially compared to the large sets above) and will let you bring two of Middle-earth’s mightiest heroes home.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™: Aragorn™ & Arwen™

The love story at the center of The Lord of the Rings is between Aragorn, the man destined to become King, and Arwen™, an elf who gives up her immortal life to be with him.

These LEGO BrickHeadz figures feature Aragorn in his King outfit with a crown and Arwen wearing a green wedding dress and tiara, just like they wore for their wedding at the end of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King™.

It would make a lovely home decoration, or if you want to go one better, why not think about getting this as a wedding or Valentine’s Day present?

LEGO® BrickHeadz™: Gandalf the Grey™ & Balrog™

When the Fellowship is trapped in the mines of Moria, they come up against a Balrog™, a demon covered with raging fire carrying a flame-red whip. The only person who can take on such a dangerous enemy is Gandalf the Grey™, displayed in this figure with sword and his iconic staff.

These LEGO BrickHeadz figures make a display piece that showcases both the good and bad sides of the story. Plus, every time you look at it you will be reminded of, perhaps, the most famous line in the films… say it with us… “You shall not pass!”

LEGO® BrickHeadz™: Frodo™ & Gollum™

“This creature is bound to me… and I to him,” says Frodo of Gollum, who he is watching catching a fish in the Forbidden Pools. Throughout all of the films, this unlikely pairing has one of the most unusual and complicated relationships in the trilogy.

You can celebrate, and perhaps commiserate, this unique partnership with the collectible LEGO BrickHeadz Frodo & Gollum figures.

In this 184-piece set, Frodo wears a cloak and holds the One Ring and a sword, while the Gollum figure is smaller and holds a fish – so juicy sweet!

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