In partnership with WWF

Pandas made from LEGO bricks

Since 2014, we have been part of the Climate Savers program, WWF’s global platform that engages business and industry on climate and energy. The intention of the program is to inspire a change in the way companies think about climate solutions. Together with WWF, we have set ambitious targets to ensure more sustainable means of producing LEGO® play experiences.

By 2020, we have made commitments to

  • Two minifigures looking at a LEGO plants from plants element

    Reduce CO2 emissions by 10% per brick compared to 2016, relative to the number of bricks we produce. This will reduce our CO2 emissions by 10,000 tonnes every year.

  • LEGO garbage bin

    Reduce waste by 10% per brick compared to 2016, relative to the number of bricks we produce.

  • LEGO wind turbine

    We are proud to be balanced with 100% renewable energy due to the investments in offshore wind in Germany and the UK by our parent company KIRKBI A/S. Our aim is to ensure that renewable energy assets continue to produce more energy than is consumed at LEGO Group locations globally, as well as reducing CO2 emissions in our supply chain.

  • LEGO truck

    Support our suppliers in reporting their CO2 footprint to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and help improve their performance.

  • LEGO minifigure wearing overalls

    Establish an environmental engagement program to encourage employees to reduce energy use, waste and water consumption.

We have always met or exceeded all the climate targets set through the WWF partnership, and we intend to continue to do so.

LEGO fantasy creature

Targets already met include balancing 100% of energy use with renewable sources by investing DKK 6 billion (approx. USD 1 billion) in two offshore wind farms; research and development into sustainable materials to make LEGO bricks, and improving the energy efficiency of producing LEGO bricks by more than 12% per brick.