Build the Change

Two girls building with LEGO bricks

What is Build the Change?

Build the Change is all about giving children a voice and allowing them to express their hopes and ideas for a better future.

Children use their creativity to solve real-world challenges with LEGO® bricks and other creative materials – and it is all achieved via learning through play.

We are on a mission to make children heard and use their ideas and visions to inspire real meaningful change.

A LEGO critter teaching a bunch of smaller critters about plants

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Download our free resource packs for educators. Explore topics such as climate change, biodiversity, circular economy and human impact, while creating and sharing imaginative solutions to real-world challenges.

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Impact Stories

Gallery of ideas

Check out the amazing gallery of children’s ideas below and upload your own that helps solve a real-world issue.

  • Cabin made from LEGO bricks

    This eco-friendly cabin has several environmentally sustainable features. It has solar panels on the roof, water mill for energy, a rooftop garden, rain barrel, butterfly garden and apple tree.

  • Robot made with LEGO bricks

    Meet the robot that runs on garbage. The dog with the jetpack flies and collects garbage and puts it in the robot's garbage bin. The garbage collected goes through the green-gun that reuses objects.

  • A cat-like creature built from LEGO bricks

    It can protect itself from climate change with a sun-reflective skin and coat. It can also move quickly from one bad place to another to find better relationships and others to have kids with.