Build & Talk

Our story-style Build & Talk activities, created for children ages 6 to 9, support families with a playful way to engage in otherwise difficult conversations about digital safety topics whilst playing with LEGO® bricks. Covering six different topics, the activities are designed to help your child navigate the online world safely. You’ll also find handy discussion starters to get the conversation going as you Build & Talk together.

Digital screen surrounded by LEGO® bricks and Ida Switchitonandoff showing a digital forest.


Cyberbullying is repeated behavior aimed at upsetting someone and can also happen alongside in-person bullying. This interactive story will help your child spot and respond to bad behavior online, and help you talk about being kind online. Before you start the activity with your child, why not refresh your knowledge on the topic?

Screen time

Gaming, watching online videos and chatting with friends on social media is fun and can be beneficial, but too much could negatively affect a child’s mental and physical wellbeing and focus. This will activity help you start a conversation about why it’s good to have a balanced approach to screen time, and the importance of taking regular breaks. Want to refresh your knowledge on the topic?

Other Build & Talk activities

LEGO® Build & Talk False information online Activity with the creatures of the online world

False information online

Thinking critically about the information and people we come across online is a key digital life skill. This activity will help your child to use good judgement and fact checking skills so they know who and what to trust online and what to challenge or ignore.

Refresh your knowledge on false information online

LEGO® Build & Talk Online Security Activity with the creatures of the online world

Online security

Online security is the practice of protecting our data and devices. Just like we lock the door when we leave our house, we should keep our digital devices safe from threats. This activity will help children understand why online security is important and what they can do to keep their information and devices protected.

Refresh your knowledge on online security

LEGO® Build & Talk Privacy and Safe sharing Activity with the creatures of the online world

Privacy & safe sharing

It can be hard for children to understand what personal information and data can be shared online, and what should be kept private. This activity will help your child understand how to share information safely, and why privacy settings are important.

Refresh your knowledge on Privacy & safe sharing

LEGO® Build & Talk Privacy and Safe sharing Activity with the creatures of the online world

Digital footprints

What we do and say online leaves digital footprints when we move around the digital world. This activity will help your child reflect on what they’re sharing online and how their actions might shape their online identity.

Refresh your knowledge on digital footprints

How it works

  • Mini-figure Parent and Child holding a digital screen

    Easy to start

    Open the activity on your tablet or phone (a bigger screen will do better). Grab your LEGO® bricks and find a quiet, comfy place to sit together.

  • LEGO® heart

    Just follow the story

    Read the story aloud to your child. You’ll find hints on what they need to build as you go along.

  • Mini-figure Parent and Child talking

    Start talking

    Use the suggested questions and conversation prompts to start chatting about digital safety and wellbeing.