Our suppliers

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To drive down carbon emissions in our supply chain we’ve launched a new Supplier Sustainability Programme in recognition of the critical role that suppliers play in helping achieve our targets, to reduce our emissions by 37 percent by 2032 (against a 2019 baseline) and achieve net-zero by 2050.

Over 99 percent our total carbon emissions come from outside our own operations, largely from suppliers that provide and deliver raw materials, machines, products, and services related to LEGO® products.

Building sustainable businesses together

The Supplier Sustainability Programme builds on the Engage-to-Reduce programme that was launched in 2014 to help suppliers report environmental data and lower their carbon, water and forest impacts.

It outlines key requirements and actions that suppliers need to take including:

  • Providing specific data on the amount of carbon associated with the products and services the LEGO Group purchases.
  • Asking suppliers for near term targets showing emission savings related to production of these products by 2026, and further by 2028.
  • Collaborating to identify and develop the actions and initiatives suppliers need to take in order to meet the reduction goals set by the LEGO Group. This includes improving the efficiency of their facilities to use less resources, switching to renewable energy sources wherever possible, or finding less carbon-intensive ways to transport materials.

Suppliers will need to share reports starting in 2024, and this will be an annual requirement going forward.

We are focused on building capability and will be sharing knowledge and learning with our suppliers, initially focusing on carbon accounting, to help them achieve targets. We also have a team of sustainability experts that our suppliers can connect with as required.

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Developing new materials

Reducing CO2 emissions in our supply chain is also about finding more sustainable raw materials for our products without compromising on quality or safety. This means we need to innovate existing materials that are safe and strong enough to be passed down through generations, in collaboration with our suppliers.

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Our Responsible Business Principles

Our aim is to ensure the rights and well-being of everyone involved in making LEGO products and to protect the environment. We work in a transparent way with suppliers who share this ambition and commitment. Our intention is to build long-term relationships, work together to solve challenges and identify opportunities, and to reward those who strive for best practice.

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How we are reducing carbon emissions in our operations

With a ‘Zero Impact’ target.

a bar chart showing 1% in scope 1+2 and 99% in scope 3

Our GHG emissions split

Understanding our climate impact allows us to take action to improve it.