Play Day

LEGO employees playing a game of twister

Play Day is our annual company-wide event where all LEGO® colleagues experience the power of Learning through Play together. Bringing us all closer to our company vision as “a Global Force for Learning through Play”, we play across all factories, offices and store locations. It’s an important and highly anticipated tradition that reinforces our commitment to our Play Promise and the core values of fun, creativity, and imagination.

Adults playing with LEGO bricks and a screen

Play Day

This year’s theme was the Mysteries of Play, where we spent the day playing detective and unlocking the personal meaning and benefits that play offers each LEGO® employee. 🔎

In addition to being FUN, play also increases trust within the team, fosters an experimental mindset, and relieves stress. Prioritizing play helps us inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

The 5 playful skills

When we play, we develop five playful skills:

  • LEGO Play Day logo for physical play


    By exercising our bodies, we also exercise our minds and maintain our personal well-being.

    Examples of physical skills: Being active, understanding movement by practicing sensory-motor skills, developing spatial understanding, and nurturing a healthy body.

  • LEGO Play Day logo for social play


    Social skills empower us to be strong collaborators and communicators. They also promote healthy relationships with our family and friends.

  • LEGO Play Day logo for creative play


    Great creative skills allow us to devise new solutions to problems that we’ll face in the future, helping to us transform ideas into meaningful solutions.

    Examples of creative skills: Envisioning new ideas, explaining them and bringing them to life, exploring new possibilities, and identifying the best solutions.

  • LEGO Play Day logo for play that develops cognitive skills


    Cognitive skills give us the ability to learn how to solve complex tasks in all aspects of our life.

    Examples of cognitive skills: Concentration, problem-solving, learning how to tackle complex tasks, and identifying and implementing solutions.

  • LEGO Play Day logo for emotional play


    Strong emotional skills mean we can better tackle everyday challenges and relate on an important level to our family and friends.

    Examples of emotional skills : Understanding, managing and expressing emotions, and staying motivated and confident when faced with challenges.