World Play Day

World Play Day is HERE! – June 11, 2024

On June 11, there are no rules. Oh, except to play. That’s a pretty big rule. Oh, and have fun, that’s another. But other than that, NO RULES!*

Keep on scrollin’ to discover some amazing ways to have a joyful World Play Day!

* Positive vibes are a must. But other than that – NO RULES!†

For this first UN-adopted International Day of Play…

… we’re celebrating by hosting our third annual World Play Day! Do your part to protect every kid’s right to play!
† Our parents always told us not to play with food, so we probably shouldn’t do that. But otherwise – NO RULES!**
** Unless you’re inviting the silliest of goose friends to join in the fun, pop that phone away. But other than that... NO RULES!

Play. It’s not all fun and games…

Play is fundamental to our development and happiness. And yet, 76% of parents say that kids these days have less time and space to play than they had when they were kids.††

So, we helped start a teeny little global movement…

Together with a big group of friends, we asked the world to put play back on the agenda. And this year, we were answered by the United Nations! (Yes, that United Nations...)

Get rewarded for playing!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not inside LEGO® Insiders, it isn’t...
Let’s go places
†† Wow, okay, this one’s actually a legitimate use of footnotes… LEGO® Play Well Study 2024