LEGO® Monkie Kid™

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ – Old tales, new twists

Ancient heroes and villains have suddenly appeared in today’s world! Which, we must admit, can be quite inconvenient… but also kinda cool… This delightful adaption of Journey to the West (one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature), reimagines the legendary character of the Monkey King as a mentor to young Monkie Kid, teaching him and your kids how to become modern-day heroes.

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Megapolis City 5th Anniversary

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Dragon of the East Palace

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Monkey King Ultra Mech

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The City of Lanterns

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The Story So Far…

  • Season 4 recap

    For someone who tries to avoid world-ending calamities, MK the Monkie Kid certainly has to deal with a fair few of them…!
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Monkie Kid (MK) – Our hero

Delivery boy and avid gamer. Oh, and battler of ancient demons…

Monkey King – Legendary mentor

From his magical cloud, the Monkey King trains a new generation of demon fighters.

Mei – Key ally of MK

From the fabled Dragon Family, Mei fiercely protects her friends.

Sandy – the Gentle Giant

Formerly a ruthless warrior, now a big cuddly softy…

Pigsy – the disciplined chef

Bad temper. Brilliant noodles.

Mr. Tang – the brainy friend

There isn’t a Monkey King legend Mr. Tang doesn’t know!

Azure Lion

Charming and ruthless, Azure is a power-hungry villain who’s convinced he’s a hero.

Yellow Tusk Elephant

Once a sworn ally to the Monkey King. Now one of his fiercest enemies.

Golden-Winged Eagle

Graceful, vicious, cold and vain, the evil Peng loves nothing more than battle.

From the screens to the floor

All Monkie Kid sets are featured in the show, helping kids live out their passion like never before!

Monkie around together

These imaginative, character-filled sets are perfect for co-operative play. And friends who adventure together, stay together.
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