Funky Animals Bracelet


Retired product

Choking hazard.
Small parts.
Building Instructions

Introducing LEGO DOTS sets!

LEGO DOTS sets are designed for creative kids. This one lets them design and redesign their own Funky Animals Bracelet.

1 bracelet, 32 tiles, endless self-expression

Kids can design the bracelet to fit their interests, then swap tiles around to redesign it to match their mood.

LEGO DOTS Funky Animals Bracelet

Ever-changing arts and crafts

Kids can design the bracelet pattern to fit their passions.

Crafts to create and share

Cute creations to show friends or redesign as something new.

Fits right, every time

Designed to fit kids' wrists, big and small.

Kick-start creativity

Kids can make their own designs or use the included ideas.

109 tiles to design your way

The separate Extra DOTS - series 1 pack adds creative fun.

Unique canvas for kids' ideas

Different themes to buy, collect, create, share and wear.

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