Rainbow Bracelet


Retired product

Small parts.
Building Instructions

Creative freedom for self-expression

This LEGO DOTS set lets kids experiment with making their own Rainbow Bracelet and exploring their passion for art and craft.

1 bracelet, 32 tiles, endless designs

Kids can take the bracelet with them on the go and decorate it endlessley with the 32 tiles to match their mood or outfits.

LEGO DOTS Rainbow Bracelet

Wearable arts and crafts

Kids can decorate the bracelet to go with anything.

Create, display and swap

Young craft lovers can share cool creations with friends

Colorful, adjustable band

Designed to fit kids' wrists - from big to small.

A great place to start

Kids can make the included patterns or invent their own.

Get more tiles to boost ideas

109 tiles in the separate Extra DOTS - series 1 pack.

Unique canvas for kids' ideas

More beautiful themes to collect, create, wear and share.

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