Last Chance

Shuri's Sunbird


Retired product

Small parts.
Building Instructions

Black Panther film action aboard the Sunbird

An impressive recreation of Shuri’s Sunbird aircraft from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Reconfigures for endless play possibilities

Sunbird features hinged wings that fold forwards and backwards and 2 big engines on ball joints that kids can tilt and rotate.

Shuri's Sunbird

Rotate the mega engines

The 2 engines have ball joints for maximum adjustability.

Fold back the wings

The wings can fold away as Sunbird soars through the skies.

Go into battle

Blast the enemy with 2 front-mounted stud shooters.

Rewarding building challenge

The fun building experience develops kids’ skills as they discover the joy of creative construction.

Great gift for kids

Includes cool Shuri, Riri, Nakia and Attuma minifigures, plus a spear, fighting rings and a jetpack.
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