Downtown Flower and Design Stores


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Building Instructions

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Meet the next generation of Heartlake City

Inspire kids to develop their passions as they explore the new world of LEGO® Friends with its diverse cast of characters.

Inspire creativity

Kids who love interior design can build, decorate and display a LEGO® Friends flat and shops scene with this set.

LEGO® Friends Downtown Flower and Design Shops

Customise the build

Kids can arrange the model in different ways.

Shop for home comforts

Choose furniture for the empty flat.

Let creativity bloom

Select flowers from the florist shop.

Make new friends

Comes with 9 LEGO® Friends characters.

Architectural beauty

Spot different architectural styles in the build.

Finishing touches

Accessories include paint, a watering can and a saxophone.

Explore new friendships

Encourage kids to create their own stories with the range of LEGO® Friends sets (sold separately).
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