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Bracelet Designer Mega Pack


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Unexpected treat to reflect a kid’s passion

Art and design fans get 5 fun LEGO® DOTS bracelets to share their varied passions in a range of creative ways.

Sort tiles and create designs again and again

This Designer Mega Pack lets kids plan out their designs using the tiles, before assembling them on the bracelets.

Bracelet Designer Mega Pack

Wear your passion on a wrist

Limitless design fun awaits in this LEGO® DOTS set.

Inspiration on the package

Coming up with new designs boosts kids’ creative skills.

What colour will you choose?

5 bracelets in different colours: pick what fits your day!

Pets on display

My Pets Bracelet set (sold separately) expresses a passion.

Fantastic, magical unicorns

Unicorns Forever Bracelet kit (sold separately) adds magic.

More designs with Extra DOTS

Glitter and Shine tiles (sold separately) add design flair.

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