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Alphabet Town


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Limit 5
Building Instructions

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Colourful set that packs in the play

Filled with toddler-friendly features, the Alphabet Town set gives hours of creative build-and-rebuild fun.

Learning lots while having fun

Toddlers are introduced to the alphabet and interesting shapes as they build and rebuild this colourful scene.

Alphabet Town

Diverse characters

Set includes boy, girl and dog figures.

Design the drive

Toddlers build any shape of car they want!

Learning letters

Big bricks introduce toddlers to the alphabet.

Honing new skills

Hinged windows are fun to open and close.

Geometry for beginners!

There are squares, triangles and ovals to distinguish.

Brighten up playtime

Colourful bricks are designed to stimulate the senses.

Toys to develop fine motor skills

With their easy-to-handle, brightly coloured bricks, LEGO® DUPLO® sets lay the foundation for strong building skills.
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