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Everyone is Awesome!

We want to help create a world through LEGO® play where everyone is welcome and valued.

Pieces of Me

This Pride month, we’re inviting you to celebrate your awesome, true self – and everything that makes you a unique individual – by building a self-portrait that reflects all the little pieces that make you, YOU! To inspire you, we partnered with Samira Wiley, and the iconic Rolling Stone magazine, to bring the award-winning actor’s personal story to life in brick form.

Samira brings her story, we bring the bricks!

“My journey to self-acceptance has changed me, saved me, and allowed me to thrive. I feel I’ve found a real sweet spot of just complete play.”

- Samira Wiley, actor & LGBTQIA+ community advocate

Samira’s Portrait

Creative self-expression helps us share who we are… and when it comes to showing your true self, Samira knows that every piece counts! We worked together on building an epic, 41,000-brick portrait of her, featuring many important symbols and elements that make Samira who she is today.

You can see Samira’s breath-taking portrait live, at LEGO® House, from June 8th until August 23rd.

Read the interview to learn about the stories behind this fantastic build and see the details of the impressive portrait up close!

Celebrating everyone – because everyone is awesome!

We’re back at Pride events this year! Find us in these cities around the world:


24 June


1 July


22 July

Provincetown, MA

22 - 28 July


13 - 19 August

Why we designed the ‘Everyone is Awesome’ set

“The starting point for this was my feeling that we, as a society, could be doing more to show support for each other and appreciate our differences.”

– Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design

Workplace diversity in LEGO Group offices

Our Global and Local Employee Advocacy Groups help our employees participate in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that drive tangible change within the company and impact local communities.

Driving change, together!

The LEGO Group is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We partner with Workplace Pride and Open for Business to help shape strategies and programs to support employees who identify as LGBTQIA+ across the company.