LEGO® Back to School

Back to School 2023


Back to school gifts (and after-school treats)

Make learning even more fun with a playful LEGO® gift.
Help make going back to school fun and enjoyable for kids with our LEGO® back to school ideas. Whether it’s useful stationary, backpacks and bags, or engaging and educational sets, you’ll have everything you need to make going back to school as easy and stress free as possible. Starting school again after a break can be a busy time for parents and kids, but our LEGO back to school range has all the supplies you need. Our creative builds encourage learning through play, so you can help transform education into a fun activity: easing kids back into the school year, and rewarding them for their achievements.

What can LEGO® play build?

Find out how LEGO® sets can also help kids to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) while they play.

Reward kids for a job well done

Make after-school time more playful with treats that will keep them building and creating.

LEGO® fun on the go

Gear up with backpacks, lunch boxes, stationery and more.

Shop by theme

From the ninjas of LEGO® NINGAGO® to the stories of LEGO Friends and LEGO City, to sets filled with creative possibilities, no matter what they're into, you're sure to find a LEGO® gift they'll love.