LEGO® Builder App

The LEGO® Builder app – A new world of building

Let the new LEGO® instructions app guide you on an easy and intuitive building adventure.

(Psst... Looking for the LEGO Building Instructions app? Don’t worry... We’ve updated and rebranded it to become the LEGO Builder app!)

What is LEGO Builder?

LEGO Builder is a digital LEGO instructions app that will help you and your family build sets better and with more ease than ever before. Find out more below!

Build together

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Iron Man Armory

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Build better. Build together.

Build Together is a feature on the LEGO Builder app that lets you tackle your LEGO instructions as a team, by delegating each builder their own creative tasks to complete!

Your build at your pace

Do you create as quick as you can? Or take your precious time? The app makes it easy and exciting for builders of all ages, types and experience levels.

For beginners to experts

Whether you are looking for a place to save your many builds, or want to get to grips with the LEGO building techniques, the app has what you are looking for.

LEGO Builder

Lamborghini Countach

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The Fox Lodge

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Police Car

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Majestic Tiger

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Price64.99 CAD
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