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LEGO® | Disney™

Suitable for ages 4+ LEGO® | Disney allows your child to build and play stories from their favorite tales. Disney characters will come to life as your child recreates romance, adventure, and heroism!

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LEGO® | Disney
Here is a Girl

There's no greater feeling than watching your little kid develop, grow and become their own unique person. "Here is a girl" is a poem written from the point of view of a loving mum tapping into the feelings of pride and astonishment parents can have as they observe their children playing. Our video is a tribute to all creative, kind and cool little girls and the parents that raise them.

LEGO building fun sprinkled with Disney magic.

LEGO® | Disney play sets offer a world of LEGO building fun sprinkled with Disney magic. Children can create and recreate adventures with their favorite Disney characters in iconic settings, whether it is retelling a classic fairytale, going on an adventure, cooking a meal in a castle kitchen or looking after cute animal friends. Clever modularity means many of the sets can be combined easily and can be customized so kids can create their own magical Disney adventures. Let their imagination sparkle!


The latest assortment of LEGO® | Disney sets has a new building feature called "modularity", which means your child can easily build, play, swap and mix with their favorite LEGO | Disney sets and characters, playing out whatever stories they can imagine!
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