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Good vs evil. Heroes vs villains. Cole vs cake. Take a spin around the worldwide NINJAGO® phenomenon that’s helped millions of kids reach their true potential!

The story so far…

In 2011, a group of young ninja began practicing the martial art of Spinjitzu. Since then, LEGO® NINJAGO has inspired 500+ sets, 200+ television episodes, a Hollywood movie, theme parks, video games and – most importantly – millions of dedicated ninja fans across the world!

2023 even saw the launch of our first spin-off series – NINJAGO: Dragons Rising – which brought together iconic ninja and keen new recruits in an expansive new world.

But Season 2 of NINJAGO: Dragons Rising sees our heroes face their most daunting challenge yet. Can they win (or even survive…) the Tournament of Sources?

Some ninja are action heroes…

So for them, we make battle arenas that promote dynamic, exciting, baddie-butt-kickin’ play.

Some ninja have a drive to survive...

For them, we have a fleet of thrilling vehicles, packed to the roof with gadgets, so they can take their play across land, sea and sky.

And some ninja… erm… love dragons

And for them, we make dragons. Big, elemental, adorably terrifying dragons.

Explore the new NINJAGO®: Dragons Rising series

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