A parent’s guide to LEGO® NINJAGO®


A parent’s guide to LEGO® NINJAGO®


LEGO® NINJAGO® has the awesome power to get kids to put down their screens and instead escape into an all-consuming fantasy world where they can team up with their ninja heroes to battle villains while playing with an extensive range of fantastic NINJAGO playsets.

Kids have a choice of recreating action from the long-running and popular NINJAGO TV series, with a feast of mechs, dragons, jets, vehicles and temples, or using their own imagination to stage brand-new stories.

NINJAGO® Masters of Spinjitzu

This exhilarating world is based around a group of six teenage ninja warriors who are being taught to become NINJAGO masters of spinjitzu by their mentor, Master Wu.

They must defend their home from a cast of fearsome and dangerous enemies, including the NINJAGO Overlord, who all wish to conquer them. This allows kids to play out classic adventures of good vs. evil, but there is so much more to this action-packed world.

The ninja are all just like your kids: kind, talented, impetuous, wise-cracking, brave, cheeky, talented, ambitious and always hungry to learn more about the world around them.

Kids can already see so much of themselves in these strong-willed ninja characters and aspire to be even more like them. Who is their absolute favorite? Is it Nya, Cole, Kai, Lloyd, Zane or Jay? Or maybe wise Master Wu?

Life Lessons for Kids

At the heart of the story is the theme of kids growing up. Learning that life is not always easy, and heroes need to find their power and their solutions from within.

When they enter the NINJAGO world, your own little ninja will be able to start to make sense of their own reality, learning valuable lessons and developing positive life skills along the way. 

As they build and play out fast-paced action with brilliantly detailed LEGO toys, they can also learn how to overcome obstacles, how to act as a team, how to be resilient, how to solve problems and why everyone has value and offers something unique.

These qualities and skills are already in them but playing out all-action stories with the ninja will help to bring them out. As Master Wu says to his ninja, “In each of us there are obstacles that hold us back from true greatness. And only when you conquer those obstacles will you unlock your true potential.”

LEGO NINJAGO also teaches kids about the power of friendship, because the ninja are always looking out for each other, and the sets allow kids to enjoy playtime with their friends. 

Head to the NINJAGO world for daring adventures and so much more.

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