Top 6 LEGO® Minecraft® Toys for the Holidays

The Top 6 LEGO® Minecraft® Toys For the Holidays

Take gaming outside the box this Holiday season as Minecraft® jumps straight out of the screen into playtime! Join iconic heroes Steve and Alex and their friends as they build up wild new adventures in different biomes from the instantly recognizable Minecraft world design – and get a gamer playing their favorite stories in real life!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The First Adventure

It might be the first adventure, but it won’t be the last – this three-level structure of interactive features is the ideal place to start with LEGO® Minecraft toys! 

There’s a waterfall lift, falling sand blocks and collapsible rail tracks to pose a threat to the adventurers – as well as explosions to worry about!

The two heroes are met by favorites like skeletons, a dyed cat, a horned sheep and a flowery moobloom. Will they make it past all the mobs?

LEGO Minecraft – The Modern Treehouse

Build up your home base in a tree with a kitchen, a library, a study and a bedroom, including furniture and bedding right through to tools and TNT – everything a Minecraft adventurer needs to get going in their world! 

The set is customizable and the rooms don’t even need to be attached to the tree – but watch out if you leave them on the ground, because a Creeper™ got hit by lightning and it’s fully charged to deal some damage, while a zombie is also lingering.

LEGO Minecraft – The Jungle Abomination

Ready to face down a monster? 

The Jungle Abomination has a massive, poseable head with an opening mouth and an arm designed to crush. Can the Minecraft explorer and archaeologist minifigures hope to take it on?

To compound the threat, an enchanted LEGO Minecraft Creeper and his skeleton pal are here to keep things tense – and there’s an articulated plant with grabbing petals and an iron golem, too!

LEGO Minecraft – The Ruined Portal

Into the flames of the Nether – grab your sword, your diamond pickaxe and your netherite armor, and get ready for a whole new world of adventure by passing through the portal. 

The portal can be “activated” or “deactivated” by using a hand-controlled mechanism to hide the glowing purple passage in the build or raise it into position. Then Steve can pass through to take on a wither skeleton on the other side! 

There are loads of accessories to bring the set to life, such as a dyed sheep and a baby hoglin – combine with other sets to build a world as big as the one in the game!

Giving that’s easy, fun and free.

You build a star, we donate to charity!

LEGO Minecraft – The Horse Stable

Need a quick way to travel in style, and running a bit short on iron for a railway? The horses are here to save the day! 

The two horse minifigures fit into the stable with its opening doors. One is geared up with diamond horse armor – which will come in handy when the skeleton attacks on an undead horse of his own!

Kids can feed and care for the horses with accessories like the golden carrot, use the fence blocks to build an obstacle course for them to jump over, and battle a skeleton horseman using a mighty trident.

LEGO Minecraft – The Pig House

Whether it’s LEGO bricks or Minecraft blocks, the only limit to play is the imagination – and what better way to express how far imagination can take you than a house that looks like a pig? 

The side of the structure opens to reveal a large room, while the roof lifts off for more room to play in. The entire head can even be detached to fit somewhere else on the model!

Character Alex has just finished her build, but there’s a Creeper™ hanging about, ready to detonate the built-in explosion function in the structure. Protect the cute pig figures!

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