Top 6 LEGO® | Disney Sets for Christmas

The Top 6 LEGO® | Disney Sets for Christmas for Kids Who Love Heroines

Disney adventures are instantly recognizable whether you’re four or 40 – and these LEGO® | Disney sets are packed with the same magic that brings the films to life! 

Whether it’s a classic LEGO | Disney Princess, a LEGO | Disney castle or a dynamic new heroine, these iconic Disney characters are heroes with heart!

LEGO® | Disney Frozen – The Ice Castle

Disney’s Frozen is one of the most recognizable films in the past few years, and now Elsa’s ice castle from her magical song in the first film is available as a vibrant, massive LEGO Disney castle!

With over 1,700 pieces, this set is great for fans aged 14 and over. They can explore the throne room with its curved, double-sided staircase, a shimmering ice fountain, the balcony and loads of accessories!

The set comes with Disney’s Anna, two versions of Elsa, one before and one after her iconic transformation, and Kristoff and Olaf, as well as four LEGO snowgie figures playing in the castle.

LEGO | Disney – Belle and Rapunzel’s Royal Stables

Combine the fun of two different Disney heroines as they share a passion for horses! Join Belle and Rapunzel and their rideable horses Maximus and Philippe as they hang out in the stable with its trophy and accessory rooms, as well as the attic space or the two detachable horse stalls.

This three-level stable has a total of five rooms, and comes with a sheet full of stickers for customizing or decorating your favorite LEGO sets!

LEGO | Disney Princess – Belle and the Beast’s Castle

Belle is one of the most beloved Disney Princess characters, and her love is enough to turn the Beast back into the Prince. Kids can remove the Beast’s head to turn him back into his human form! 

But it’s not just the Prince who goes through a transformation – the rotating closet lets Belle swap from her day dress to her ball gown in a flash.

Belle can also spend her time sliding up and down the library shelves on the movable ladder, and kids can recreate the legendary dance scene with the rotating dance floor.

LEGO | Disney Princess – Cinderella’s Royal Carriage

Roll up to the ball in style in Disney’s Cinderella’s Royal Carriage!

This gold and white carriage set comes with Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, as well as a treasure chest that fits on the back and a small table.

The two horses are there to pull the carriage, and Gus Gus the mouse is along for the ride. But watch out – the included pumpkin patch is a reminder of what happens if Cinderella doesn’t get home in time!

LEGO | Disney Princess – Rapunzel’s Tower

In order to enter, Flynn can either scale the tower wall OR use the stairs behind the hidden entrance.

The building itself contains a hobby room, a bedroom and a comfy sitting room for the LEGO | Disney minifigures to spend their time in.

Rapunzel and Flynn, as well as chameleon Pascal, can also explore the other two smaller builds of the Snuggly Duckling tavern and a swing made of Rapunzel’s hair.

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LEGO® DUPLO® | Disney Frozen – Elsa and Olaf’s Tea Party

Help younger Disney fans join in the fun with this LEGO DUPLO® | Disney set that can help toddlers aged two and up start building their emotional skills with roleplay and easy games! 

Elsa and Olaf can host a tea party or play games of tag and hide-and-seek among the ice blocks, which all contribute to vital skills while young ones have fun. 

The set comes with accessories like a teapot and cakes, as well as a decorated bowl of goodies for the two minifigures to share.

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