How we built a LEGO® brick DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® table (for the ultimate DnD game night)

How we built a LEGO® brick DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® table (for the ultimate game night)

Unexpected adventure? Epic battles? NPC romances? For 50 years, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® has been bringing limitless imaginative storytelling to tables and testing the skills, patience, and accents of Dungeon Masters all over the world.

To celebrate this milestone and the launch of the LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set, we invited a carefully chosen party of critically cool influencers and superfans to join us for our very own epic DnD game night at LEGO House!

So, if you like your adventures thrilling and your dice 20-sided, then be sure to watch the game by clicking the link below:

When you watch the game, you’ll certainly notice the table that it’s being played on. In fact, it’s hard to miss. This bespoke build is made entirely from LEGO bricks and might well be the most epic table in the history of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.

Measuring in at around 55 in. (140 cm) x 79 in. (200 cm) and consisting of over 140,845 individual LEGO pieces, the table is a fitting tribute to the iconic game. It took our talented master builders 482 hours to create, with a total weight of 142 kg.

To give you an exclusive look at how it was made, we spoke to the wizards who designed and built it.

A table fit for a hero (or wizard, fighter or rogue)

“My first thought was ‘Will it be possible to do it purely with the bricks?’” says Libor Udržal, Senior Engineer Manager Specialist, who admits to being a little bit daunted when the challenge was first set.

The request was for a full-sized table that matched the heroic scale of the game, and we wanted something that no one had ever seen before.

Fortunately, Libor wasn’t daunted for long, and as our designers always do, he turned challenge into opportunity.

“We could have used an ordinary table and dressed it with bricks, but we like to challenge what’s possible to do with LEGO bricks,” Libor says with a cheeky grin. “But while deciding to do it entirely from bricks gave us freedom, it also came with challenges.”

The biggest of these was balancing the scale of making it functional enough for the players.

“A table needs to be strong enough so the players can sit around it, put their arms on it and lean on the table. But I also wanted plenty of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS details.”

So, Libor set out to find a knowledgeable challenger who could take on this mighty quest.

Rising to that challenge was Marek Vašíček, a 3D & Model Box Designer and a lifelong DUNGEONS & DRAGONS fan, determined to use all of his sorcery to build a gaming table that would do justice to his favorite tabletop game.

“I had experience with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS from both sides,” says Marek, “as player and as Dungeon Master.”

He’s also a passionate builder, who dreamt of working for the LEGO Group all his young life. “It fulfilled a dream when I was able to combine these two passions of mine in one project!” says Marek, beaming with delight.

Imaginative gameplay...

For the next five months, Marek set about designing a table that could function for the game.

“D&D® is all about unleashing your imagination and being able to create whatever scenario you want,” he says.

When working on the table, Marek wanted to encourage imaginative play through the design. As a fan of the game himself, he thought about how he likes to play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.

“When I play with my friends, it’s like making our own film or story, but with no rules, no bounds. I wanted the table to enable this.”

Cool details include the brick-built logos around the single-pillar base, the giant snarling red dragon for the Dungeon Master to stand behind, and the fact that the table is laid out in 3x3 plates to make it easier to battle and play.

He created an atmospheric table; yet it remains a blank canvas to allow for storytelling and limitless possibilities.

When the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS table was finally fully designed and sent to the building workshop, it took two dedicated builders 38 days to build.

It was worth every minute, though.

The power of imagination

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS has remained hugely popular over the last half a century, and we asked Marek why he thought that might be.

“It gives people a place to unleash their imagination, to be creative and to tell their stories.”

Whether you’ve been playing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS for years (maybe even 50 of them) or you’ve never played before but are feeling curious, check out our game night to get a glimpse of the brand-new world waiting for you.