The Ultimate LEGO® Batman™ Display

The ultimate Bat-fan flex display: LEGO® DC Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City™ and more

Planning something special for Batman’s 85th anniversary? Here are four marquee suggestions for creating the ultimate fan display. Fire up that Bat-Signal™, we’re ready to roll.

Dark Deco galore: a love letter to the series

If you haven’t seen the LEGO® DC Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City™ set yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s so richly detailed that fans are calling it a love letter to the animated series of the 1990s, which captured the heart of a whole generation of Bat-fans.

It’s easy to see why: it’s all gorgeous vertical lines and Easter eggs at every turn, guiding your eye as if through a comic book. This microscale build celebrates all the Gotham landmarks, from Dark-Deco skyscraper rooftops down to the gritty underbelly of Gotham City, in an exquisite translation of the signature atmospheric design of the animated series. Wayne Manor; the Ace Chemical Company; the Arkham Botanical Gardens; a mini Batmobile™; a Batwing™; Batman, The Joker™, Harley Quinn™ and Catwoman™ minifigures – it's all there, tucked away in the shadows of the Gotham City, woven into fifteen movable panels.

Groundbreaking when it was first broadcast in 1992, Batman: The Animated Series didn’t just set the stage for the phenomenal success of the Batman in the 21st century – it stands on its own right as one of the most beloved pieces of Batman-related iconography among fans. And now it has its own LEGO set to match.

Each bag of bricks is connected to an episode of the animated series, so your building experience becomes a deep dive into plot, character and art direction. Display-wise, you can mount it on your wall, the kind of bold decor statement that says you mean Bat-business; or, if wall space is limited, you can show it off on a shelf or table using a flip-out stand.

Batcave™ – Shadow Box: lay out the hideout

Now we move from the Bat-Signal to the Batcave™: an iconic DC universe setting in all its gritty, gloomy, subterranean wonder. The place where the Bat-tech comes to life brings the gothic drama to your fan collection, with its deep dark tones recalling the mood of the 1992 movie Batman Returns™.

There’s more than enough detail to keep you coming back. The illuminated Batsuit™ vault is a big “wow” moment, but so many elements are movable in this Batcave that you can just keep changing it over time: raisable shutters, sliding doors, *that* gorgeously streamlined Batmobile with the revealable hidden launchers... Plus, vaults, weaponry and exclusive minifigs you can’t get anywhere else. This set isn’t a static display – it’s alive, and it will make your Batman collection come alive, too.

Batmobile™ Tumbler: hyperreal, armored and ready for justice

Now, from the Batcave to a high-octane street pursuit with the Batmobile Tumbler. Dark, sleek, mysterious – this is how you bring The Dark Knight™ Trilogy movies into your set collection along with a dose of roaring power.

The Batmobile Tumbler is a muscular collection piece that commands attention, with its sleek lines, rugged, studded look, broad wheelbase and oversized tires. It comes with a sturdy base and info plate, so showing it off as a display piece is a breeze, and at about 6 in. (16 cm) high, 17 in. (45 cm) long and 9 in. (25 cm) wide, it won’t gobble up all your shelf space. That should leave you plenty of room for the last of our ultimate Bat-fan collection sets...

LEGO® Technic™ THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE™: ride into the shadows

The set to complete your collection is also a great one to start it with: it’s compact, affordable, uncomplicated to build, and it looks every bit as iconic as the bigger sets. It’s a great way to bring the latest installment in the Batman cinematic universe into your growing collection, as it’s inspired by the 2022 movie The Batman™.

The aggressive lines, the powerful tires, the H4 engine connected to the back wheel by a chain... It’s a small-sized shelf jewel. Easy to rebuild, too, if anyone gets a little carried away while playing with it – so it’s a good one to let visitors handle (kids and grownups alike!) while they leave the bigger sets untouched.

Your LEGO Batman™ collection lives on

These are our top-four suggestions to build the ultimate LEGO Batman collection. Your mileage through the crime-ridden streets of Gotham may vary. Revisit the comics. Watch the movies again. Do a re-run of the animated series. Get inspired and see what you’ll build next.

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