The LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series Through the Years

The LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series Through the Years

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. the LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) was launched.

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago (the year 2000 to be precise) and the galaxy was definitely this one, but ever since the UCS series launched, we have seen some of the most iconic aspects from Star Wars turned into some of the biggest and most detailed sets available.

To celebrate 25 years of LEGO Star Wars, we’re launching a redesigned version of one of the very first sets in the UCS alongside an exclusive LEGO Star Wars coffee-table book.

To find out more about the new set, we spoke to Henrik Andersen, a LEGO Design Master who has been with the UCS from the beginning and who designed the first sets released.

Fighters incoming!

When the Rebel Alliance arrived at the rebuilt Death Star in Star Wars:Return of the Jedi, their fighters were greeted by a new variation of the classic TIE Fighter.

It was the TIE Interceptor.

With pointed wings and four laser cannons, it immediately positioned itself alongside the other iconic starfighters from Star Wars.

The classic LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Interceptor from 2000.

This fighter became so iconic that it was chosen, alongside the X-Wing Starfighter, as one of the two Ultimate Collector Series launch sets back in the year 2000.

For the new set, Henrik knew he wanted a new look, “I was looking at the previous UCS TIE Fighters and I just knew I wanted to do something completely different.”

Henrik redesigned the set for even greater authenticity, including its distinctive wings, cockpit interior, laser cannons and rear engine. Mostly, he wanted a more accurate reflection of the shape.

“I wanted to make the inner core rounder. So, it’s basically built as an octagon. You build it in eight ways, and then you flip it to get the bowl shape.”

Perhaps the greatest design challenges came from the unique pointed wings that, unlike the standard TIE Fighter, advance forward from the body of the craft.

Due to their size, keeping them from warping and getting the correct weight distribution was tricky, however, Henrik had some ingenious solutions.

“I spent a long time trying different techniques, but whenever I put on the wings, they were warping.” To solve this challenge, Henrik resorted to some traditional Technic™ pieces due to increased stability.

But what about the weight distribution? “The front of the wings are built as light as possible, while the rear of the wing is built using smaller elements, meaning a greater quantity of bricks which then ended up weighing more.”

This innovative approach led to a unique building technique that would maintain the balance of the set.

“I had to flip the building direction,” Henrik continues. “The wings are built in one direction, but the center sections are built in the opposite direction to allow for the extra greebling and details to be added.”

The 1,931-piece set result is realistic and impressive, measuring over 16 inches (40 cm) long and complete with a plaque on a display stand, a LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary brick and space for the included TIE Pilot LEGO minifigure and LEGO Mouse Droid.

What is the Ultimate Collector Series?

UCS is a collection of large-scale models that offer huge amounts of authenticity and detail and a building experience that will satisfy even the most advanced builder. Each set provides a unique building experience and upon completion an epic display piece… a must for any fan.

The 2017 LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon.

The selection of vehicles and locations within the collection covers a broad spectrum of the most iconic scenes from Star Wars. From the Death Star and Super Star Destroyer to Clone gunships and the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest. There’s something for every superfan!

The LEGO® Star Wars™ Super Star Destroyer from 2011.

You will love our new coffee-table book

To celebrate 25 fantastic years of LEGO Star Wars, we’re also releasing a book packed with interviews with creators, artworks and design process insights.

It comes in a deluxe box, which includes exclusive collectibles such as art prints of development drawings, collectible postcard, an unproduced LEGO Star Wars animation script, designer’s showcase booklet, and two previously unavailable building instruction booklets.

Here’s to 25 years

The new LEGO Star Wars TIE Interceptor set is perfect to either add to or even start your UCS collection. Like all the other UCS sets, it offers hours of building and display value for all fans. If you’re looking for an epic display for your home or a LEGO Star Wars gift, then these are the sets for you.

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