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Jogue com o Braille – Alfabeto Espanhol

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Let's Braille together!

Aimed at kids aged 6+, LEGO® Play with Braille helps children with visual impairment practice their skills while giving the whole family a way to play together. The set includes 2 baseplates and over 250 bricks in five colours: white, yellow, green, red and blue, with studs that correspond to numbers and letters in the braille code. Fully compatible with all other LEGO products, each LEGO braille brick also shows the printed version of the symbol, letter and number.

Try these Play Starters

To support braille skill development, and enhance the play experience for the whole family, these activities help teach visually impaired children how to orient, attach and stack the bricks through well-loved games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Making play accessible for all

As part of our commitment to make play more inclusive, the LEGO Group is partnering with Be My Eyes, a free mobile app for blind and partially sighted people. Through the app, our Customer Service Engagement colleagues can address enquiries about LEGO Braille Bricks, as well as all LEGO products and services. We are ready to help you through the Be My Eyes app from 1st September.

Adicione letras do alfabeto português com a plataforma Pick a Brick

Compre o set Espanhol. Depois, adicione as letras do alfabeto português.
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