GRATIS Hot Rod bij elke aankoop vanaf € 85.*Nu winkelen

GRATIS Hot Rod bij elke aankoop vanaf € 85.*Nu winkelen

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Item 1 of 6
LEGO®31068Creator 3-in-1Creator 3-in-1

Modulair modern huis

Modulair modern huis3.93335.
Average rating3.9out of 5 stars

Ontvang deze 'Blue Fury' Hot Rod GRATIS bij elke aankoop vanaf € 85.*

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Bouw zelf deze fantastische, lichte en luchtige moderne woning met wit, bruin en lichtblauw kleurenschema, grote ramen, daklicht, slaapkamer met balkon op de eerste verdieping en op de begane grond een woonkamer met zitbank en leunstoel. Creëer met de zelfbouw-modules een huis met dakterras of verplaats eenvoudig deuren, ramen en andere modulaire elementen om het huis te veranderen met het LEGO® Creator modulaire systeem, nieuw in juni 2017. Combineer deze set met de modulaire systeemsets met productnrs. 31067 en 31069 en ontwerp je eigen droomhuis met oneindige bouw- en speelmogelijkheden! Dit 3-in-1 LEGO Creator model kan worden omgebouwd tot een huis aan het meer of een huis met tuin. Inclusief twee minifiguren.

  • Inclusief twee minifiguren: een vrouw en een jongen, plus een hondje om zelf te bouwen.
  • De moderne woning heeft een strakke gevel met grote ramen, daklicht, slaapkamer op de eerste verdieping en een balkon met parasol, woonkamer op de begane grond, tuingedeelte met buitenlamp om zelf te bouwen, trampoline, bloemen en bomen plus een laadstation en een elektrische auto met plaats voor een minifiguur.
  • Interieurdetails zijn onder andere twee bedden, een zitbank en een leunstoel.
  • Maak een ritje in de moderne, elektrische auto.
  • Zet het daklicht open om het huis te ventileren en tegelijkertijd zonne-energie te verzamelen.
  • Leef je uit op de trampoline!
  • Maak een wandeling met de lieve hond.
  • Creëer met de zelfbouw-modules een huis met dakterras en verplaats eenvoudig deuren, ramen en andere modulaire elementen om het huis te veranderen met het LEGO® Creator modulaire systeem, nieuw in juni 2017.
  • Inclusief speelgoedhelikopter om zelf te bouwen.
  • Combineer de set met de LEGO® Creator modulaire systeemsets met productnrs. 31067 en 31069 en ontwerp je eigen droomhuis met oneindige bouw- en speelmogelijkheden!
  • 3-in-1 model: kan worden omgebouwd tot een huis aan het meer of een huis met tuin.
  • Het moderne huis is ca. 16 cm hoog, 15 cm breed en 9 cm diep.
  • Het huis aan een meer, inclusief steiger, is ca. 11 cm hoog, 16 cm breed en 19 cm diep.
  • Het huis met tuin is ca. 14 cm hoog, 15 cm breed en 15 cm diep.
Modulair modern huis
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  • December 21st, 2017
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    nice final model but major construction issues
    | 45-54
    What I really did not like was the construction. ok nice idea to bring modular concept to other sets in theory. How it's done doesn't work in relation to windows. Modular building sections work, which is fine. But how many creator modulars to date have had poorly connected windows?! AFOLS would be screaming at lego if the windows/wall sections were done like this and constantly falling out! Using the plate with two studs was used initially in sets such as those with prisoners, and options for escape, and this enabled the play feature of the wall pop out really easily. So guess what - the windows/wall sections of the building fall out all the time and the attachment of other sections eg gardens/font door areas poorly attached! It is very very annoying. Ok modular segments of the building, but not the windows! And I wonder how much people would really hanker after changeable windows after all if they didn't exist. On the subject of windows, lego has put bricks or panel pieces in half the window areas when another clear panel could be used. It would be very dark in the house!! On the main model you have a lamp and plants partially obscuring the light, it doesn't really look like there is a nice lounge window. The building has the same kind of access to the building as zillions of other models to allow playability, so this can't be used as a justification. And yep every time I pick up the maim model the front door section falls off. Aaaaargh! Display as part of layout and don't move it! Think lego dropped the ball on this absolutely everything must be interchangeable approach. Disappointed as usually I find the creator series fun and good models. I was have been very unhappy if I'd paid full price
    Bouwervaring: Ervaren LEGO bouwer
    15Modulair modern huis
  • January 22nd, 2019
    Average rating3out of 5 stars
    Disappointing modular design
    | 35-44
    My son really enjoys playing with the LEGO cars and buildings that I have in my collection. He especially likes opening and closing the windows/doors on things to put people through while acting out his stories. We decided to expand our collection of "small" houses by getting the new modular style sets (3 of them). The idea of the modular seems good, but the playability is low. They just keep falling apart. Opening a front door causes the entire porch to come off. If you try to move the buildings they collapse! This drives my wife nuts! We now avoid buying anything that is of this line of "modular" build style [still going to buy the Expert Modulars ;) ]. The buildings look good and would be fun to play with if only they stayed together. The modules need to lock in place at the tops.
    Bouwervaring: Expert LEGO bouwer
    35Modulair modern huis
  • July 7th, 2018
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Nice Easy Build
    | 25-34
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    It has been awhile since I've put Lego together but I had a Lego itch after looking at the Creator Expert modular buildings and bought this set to satisfy it. This is also to prepare me for more complicated builds, just invested in 10257 Carousel set. It is an adorable house and easy to put together. The house has some nice details to them. I love the little beds, dog and RC chopper that came with it. I opted to build the 2-storey version with the moveable roof because it appealed to me more. I had a bit of a problem because I had a missing part but managed to use the extra parts to complete the build. The completed house was a bit flimsy though so I had to be careful when moving it. The outer parts (doors, porch, external features) are susceptible to coming off because they are only connected by two studs to the main parts. Overall, I enjoyed the build and the house is just so adorable.

    Antwoord van de LEGO® winkel

    9 juli 2018
    Emily, Customer Service
    Hi there! If those pesky parts don't appear (stuck in the packaging, or maybe hiding on the floor, etc.), don't worry! It's easy to request replacements. Just go to and choose the "Bricks & Pieces" option to get started.
    Bouwervaring: Beginnende LEGO bouwer
    45Modulair modern huis
  • October 5th, 2017
    Average rating3out of 5 stars
    Neat concept, lacks in construction
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    I really like the concept of this lego set. The details such as the charging station, solar panels, and clear wall styling make this house stand out among the rest and make it a perfect addition to any city layout. This, to me, makes this a worthwhile set since I will not be playing with it. What I really did not like was the construction. For some reason, every single wall panel and roof on every single modular house piece is designed to pop out. My guess is that this is to add playability and access to the rooms, however the result is a building that is constantly falling apart. It was frustrating during the build trying to keep the panels in place every time I had to touch the building to add a newly completed panel. Forget picking it up to move it once it's built. Panels fall off and pieces break off. As much as playability and access may have been the goal, I think this really detracts from the playability. In short, recommended for layouts but not for playing.
    35Modulair modern huis